Baby Doll Nursery Section Idea

This is our nursery section for baby dolls.
The dolls are mostly Baby Alive and Baby Born.
Most of our doll stuff were bought from local thrift stores or directly from friends.

Our dolls and accessories are kept in that pink cupboard,
which I recently purchased online for RM143 including the postage fee.
It is in the shape of a castle.
I really recommend this type of shelves to store toys.
It is very easy to build and dissemble.
Simply google 'cube wardrobe' for further information.
Well, some dolls and toys are also kept in the old plastic cabinet next to the pink castle cupboard.

This is the dolls look like in the cube.

These are some of the highchairs. The one on the left is 2in1 Annabelle doll highchair.
It can be a baby doll carrier on the back.
It is quite heavy for young kids, but will not be a problem to 8 years old and above.
The one on the right is 2in1 Fisher Price doll Highchair which can be a swing too.
The chair can be reclined for sleeping baby doll.

This is the bunk bed. I don't know what brand this is.

That single bed is from Baby Born Zapf Creation. It is musical with baby snoozing sounds too.
The small raideer highchair is from Baby Alive Hasbro...and the cloth carrier too.
There are several more cloth carriers like that in the cube cupboard.

The hanging dining seat is from Levatoy.

Last but not least, the doll carseat and bouncer.

So that's enough for now.
I will show you how we keep and arrange the dolls and accessories in that castle cupboard soon in the next post.

Thank you.

Baby Alive Keychain

This DIY Baby Alive keychain is very easy to make. You simply need any of the original Baby Alive accessories from Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Lily set.

 This set comes with a spoon, plate and doll food mould which you can turn each of them into a lovely keychain.

You can add more stuff to it such a bow, button or  even some glued glitters according to your preferences.

Here they are!
This is my backpack which I take it to work everyday.
Yes, I know....WEIRD...LOL.

They will look much better with kids though.
Your kids will be so proud having these, I am sure!

Bye now!