Wordless Wednesday: Tired

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Wordless Wednesday: Simple Pelamin

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Novel from Anarif "Lu'Lu' & Marjan"

Proud to see my friend's novel, Anarif "Lu'Lu' & Marjan" is placed next to Cecelia Ahern and Danielle Steel...Buku Pilihan SMO cawangan KB Mall, Kedai buku famous di Kelantan. 

**bangga terlebih2 wlaupon bkn aku yg tulis 0_0

Two heads are better than one

Proverb: Two heads are better than one

Meaning: Two people can usually solve a problem more easily than one person. (source: Englishclub)

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It depends on the situation...
When I'm having a problem, I always ask for a bestfriend's opinion...
...but usually she will scold me
because it is so problematic and gives her such headache...haha.
I love her so much....

SOMETIMES, it is very necessary to have another head...

at least
because you know that someone is listening to you

At the end,
....you have to think alone....
because YOU KNOW MORE than others.

So, SOMETIMES...believe in yourself!!
Have a little faith, why don't ya!!!

Wordless Wednesday: Pink English House

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The best advice is found on the pillow

Proverb: The best advice is found on the pillow

Meaning: If we face a problem, we can solve it after a pleasant sleep (normally at night).
People also often say: "I'll sleep on it." (source: Englishclub)


Sometimes it works....depending so much on the situation.

When I have a problem, I sleep on a pillow
and think about it for quite some time before falling asleep.
And normally, it ends up with a NIGHTMARE...
So, on the next day I wake up, I can't even solve my problem...hahaha.

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Don't judge a book by its cover?

Don't judge a book by its cover?

Meaning: We can't judge something based on physical appearance.  

Can't we?

It depends on the situation....

Because SOMETIMES, in reality....we MUST judge something from the outside.
If it's good outside, it's supposed to be good inside...huhu.

This theory applies when choosing a safe food to eat.

and SOMETIMES when choosing a person to live with...

Choose wisely...GOOD LUCK!!