Vintage Ottoman Storage Box Bench

Oh, I love shabby chic and vintage!!!

I bought this ottoman bench in February 2015
through eBay for only £45.00
It was sold by a friendly old man who just live nearby.
What a coincidence!
The item was to be self-collected but I requested him to send the item
to my house with a little extra charge (£5.00) for his gas (car fuel).
I told him that I am a student and I don't have a car
to pick up the item.
So he came to my house to send the item
on the same day....
with his wife, a charming lady.
I paid him in cash and he left with a smile!
It's a great pleasure to have a business with him.

I use it to hide some random blankets and everything.

It works like a sofa too...
whenever my friends come into my room.

By the way, I bought those three cute pillows at
a carboot sale for only 50p.
Ridiculously cheap!!!

Pandora bracelet

I bought one a few months ago online from an authorised dealer.
It would be much cheaper to do so.
I could save about £10.00.
The real retail price is about £55.00.

As you can see below, I give you some pictures
from one of the Pandora branches in the Midlands, UK.
This store is not far from my house.
So I always drop by to see if they have sales.

Based on the price, I think it would be cheaper if
we buy these Pandora bracelets in Malaysia.
You could get a barrel clasp bracelet for only RM289.00, sometimes.
You can refer to Pandora Malaysia official website
for further details.
There is also Pandora Malaysia facebook page which  you can refer to.

But I don't regret buying this bracelet here.
because I didn't buy any of its charms yet.
Well, I did buy one actually.
It's a  pendant, not really a charm.
I think I will collect charms in Malaysia instead,
definitely not here.
Because they are much cheaper there!
It only costs about RM130.00 each (the simplest charm)
but you have to pay at least £30.00 (RM180.00) each here in the UK.

At the first glace, the difference is not that huge....
between Pandora UK price and Pandora Malaysia price.
It's only RM50.00 difference each, minimum.
Well, I am talking about buying the bracelet, only!
It will become huge when you buy a lot more charms in the future.
Then you will count the total difference you have wasted...haha.

So yeah. That's it for today.

Hippos in the mud cake

I made this in hurry, for a surprising birthday party!
It was my housemate's belated birthday.

I simply used a store-bought plain chocolate fudge cake. 
It was only £1.49.

I made the cake board out of its box and aluminium foil.

I used Kinder Happy Hippo.
It was only £1.00 at Poundland.
There were five hippos in it.
I only used two.

See my Ducks in the Mud Cake too,
which I made last year for my housemate.