Vintage Ottoman Storage Box Bench

Oh, I love shabby chic and vintage!!!

I bought this ottoman bench in February 2015
through eBay for only £45.00
It was sold by a friendly old man who just live nearby.
What a coincidence!
The item was to be self-collected but I requested him to send the item
to my house with a little extra charge (£5.00) for his gas (car fuel).
I told him that I am a student and I don't have a car
to pick up the item.
So he came to my house to send the item
on the same day....
with his wife, a charming lady.
I paid him in cash and he left with a smile!
It's a great pleasure to have a business with him.

I use it to hide some random blankets and everything.

It works like a sofa too...
whenever my friends come into my room.

By the way, I bought those three cute pillows at
a carboot sale for only 50p.
Ridiculously cheap!!!

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