Pandora bracelet

I bought one a few months ago online from an authorised dealer.
It would be much cheaper to do so.
I could save about £10.00.
The real retail price is about £55.00.

As you can see below, I give you some pictures
from one of the Pandora branches in the Midlands, UK.
This store is not far from my house.
So I always drop by to see if they have sales.

Based on the price, I think it would be cheaper if
we buy these Pandora bracelets in Malaysia.
You could get a barrel clasp bracelet for only RM289.00, sometimes.
You can refer to Pandora Malaysia official website
for further details.
There is also Pandora Malaysia facebook page which  you can refer to.

But I don't regret buying this bracelet here.
because I didn't buy any of its charms yet.
Well, I did buy one actually.
It's a  pendant, not really a charm.
I think I will collect charms in Malaysia instead,
definitely not here.
Because they are much cheaper there!
It only costs about RM130.00 each (the simplest charm)
but you have to pay at least £30.00 (RM180.00) each here in the UK.

At the first glace, the difference is not that huge....
between Pandora UK price and Pandora Malaysia price.
It's only RM50.00 difference each, minimum.
Well, I am talking about buying the bracelet, only!
It will become huge when you buy a lot more charms in the future.
Then you will count the total difference you have wasted...haha.

So yeah. That's it for today.


  1. Agak murah if termasuk dgn 'love' tu..x ingt ape name bnda tu...

  2. Yassss, who doesn't love Pandora anywayssss :D <3

  3. salam nini...ya allah jenuh akk nak mencari blog nini..
    kena korek2 comment lama2.baru jmpe..kena remarks lepas ni. :)
    how do u there?? bila lah akak nk p sana..leh nini bawa kan jenjalannnn..aci dakk?? ;).
    nak nyampuk pasal pandor..akk dlu kan..pi bantai pakai pandora ni 44jam.tak tanggal..masa akk sakit dlu la...6bln terlantar kat rumah..chemo etc.. so agak dah jadi pudar kusam jg la pandora akak..since that akk p cuci kat outlet dia pun dah tak berapa nak shining mcm asal.. sekarang nak tau apa jadi?? dh jd mcm tukun buruk!! haha dh mcm pandora pelesu! aishh mana lah akk nak p cuci balik ni?? sayang wo.charm dia akk ada byk jg.. kena beli bangle baru lah kot kan?? kat sini bangle kosong dgn basic stopper dalam rm900 jg..

  4. Nur Aishah: yeke.... ruginya. agaknya sbb dh lama. silver ni asalnya hitam. sbb tu dia kembali ke warna asal. yg lawa tu kita tgk, dia punya coat aje. if gores2, hitam. maknanya silver sterling asli. tp xlawa pulak hitam kan. hahahaha. nini xpenah beli kt Malaysia. tgk la if ada rezeki lebih n murah2 bru bleh tambah charm kot. hehehe.

    anynomous: yg love tu pendant aje. bleh buat loket kt rantai leher

    Maicher: ada je org x suka. minat masing2. ada yg lg suka emas.