My apartment room 2011

This was my apartment room since 2009 until 2013...I think.
I moved to another house on the fifth floor (in the same building) in 2014,
and left the apartment for good in December 2014.

This picture was taken on my graduation day, 22 October 2011.
The arrangement and decorations were different year by year.

I spent a few wonderful years for my first and second degrees here.
It is located just next to UiTM Shah Alam main gate.
(Baiduri Apartment, Shah Alam, Selangor)

I shared the room with a friend.
Although the space was limited, I felt very comfortable.
I got everything I need...
I had my very own little television too.
(Baiduri Apartment, Shah Alam, Selangor)

Words in British and American English

I got this from a friend through Whatsapp.
I think she got this on Google.

Eating snowflakes

It seems alright to do so....I guess.
Snowflakes are tasteless.
but still, I wish I could taste it!


Pulau Beluru

Sunny day but breezy....

Pulau Beluru is located in Tumpat, Kelantan.
There is a school on that island.
There is a village too...with limited villagers.
The students charter a boat to go to school everyday.
I mean, those who live at the other side of the estuary.
It seems dangerous though...for these kids.
But they have no choice.

Pulau Beluru is an incredible place to visit.
I went there months ago to conduct
an English Language programme at Sek. Keb. Pulau Beluru.

We were served with a majestic view before we reached the island.

A friendly boat conductor...or should I call him a 'boat driver'?
Well, he was using a car steering....

Below is the boat that we rode on.

I feel so lucky to have visited this place....
For a moment, I enjoyed the divine nature
which will always give me an inspiration to appreciate a life better.

Superman-like Sleep

Why do kids always sleep like this?

It really shows how adventurous they have been
in their world of dream.
They fly and they glide, in style...
They say hi and they slide, never cry...

This is my two-year-old niece.
She always sleeps in weird poses.
She has various sleeping styles such as
flying superman, starfish, snail, crocodile and many more
that we could never think of!

Did we sleep like this too when we were at this age?
I better check my old photos....haha.
I think we all did.

What was your favourite style?
I hope you can find your childhood sleeping-style soon!
Ask your mother....or find your family albums.
It will make you smile.....

My childhood henna

Do you know what this is?

I don't know what this is called.
It looks like rambutan (a type of Malaysian local fruit),
red and hairy.
But it is NOT even a fruit...because it is inedible.
Its shape is almost a heart, upside-down.
It contains many seeds inside its shell.
The seeds are unique for they have flesh,
that we can squeeze its red juice.
The juice looks exactly like ink.
We can evenly apply it onto our nails.
Let it dry for a moment.
Then we are ready to play!!!
Simply use water to rinse everything off the nails.

Well, it was one of my childhood toys.....which I usually plucked it
somewhere behind neighbour's my house.

Nowadays, children do not play
with this kind of natural things anymore...
do they??

So, what's your childhood toy?
I hope you still remember what you played with back then.
Surely, it will make you smile ridiculously
whenever you can recall one!

Seeking for Half Moon

I am currently in the right mood
to look for a new half-moon shawl with beads or laces.
I have quite a few already, but the choice of colours is limited.
I want to wear it for an occasion, someone's wedding day....the theme is peach.
I wish I could find the most suitable one soon!!!

These are the pictures I obtained from Google Search
(Brand: Jienani and Zara Naira).

It is called half moon because its shape.
Well, the shape is not exactly half of the moon....
but still, the name sounds good. don't you think?

See....anyone will look pretty in this.
The shape is just right. Simple and elegant.

I will buy more of this kind!!!!

My apartment room 2014

This is my bed.
(June - December 2014)
Baiduri Apartment, Shah Alam, Selangor
I come here every weekend...
travelling all the way from Kelantan, where I work.
It's only a place to stay...!
I am finishing the correction of my master's thesis here
and have no intention in decorating this room at all..haha

This is actually a master bedroom...with a bathroom.
I share this room with another cool girl.
There's actually a double-decker bed on the left.....
but I prefer to be stationed on the floor.
It's easier for me to work with journal articles and books.

My space is too messy....
and very quite... I like it!
Everyone in this house is working....
....they will be home at night, to sleep!
So I have my privacy all the time.
At night, I can see the moon....through the window.
Nothing is better than this!


My apartment during first degree

I shared the house with four other cool girls.
This house was pretty much like a hostel to us.
Yeah...The furniture was old, but everything was arranged neat and tiny.
It was comfortable enough to stay...I can say that!

Dining table

 Living room



Front door

From the balcony

That's all...
but we were happy staying here!

See my room

Craving for KFC

Everyone loves KFC....well, generally.
KFC is literally finger lickin' good....
because I do lick my fingers after I eat this.
Plus, it is a 'sunnah' to lick our fingers (muslims) after eating,
as a symbol of being grateful for every little tiny piece of leftovers.
It's soooo goood!!

School Kids

They need to study, but they want to be happy.
When they need to feel, they will only see.
They want to see, but they do not want to feel.
They want to listen to, but they only look into.
Knowledge is over here but they can only hear.
They need to learn, but they don't simply listen.
They only need to say 'hi', but they are too shy.
They just walk by and finally say 'bye'.


Milo Time

Milo Time is Indulgence

There are many ways to consume Milo....
Some people love to drink it while others love to eat it as it is.
Some people love to mix it with condensed milk
while others love to sprinkle it on biscuits.....

As for Milo time means
...Ratah Milo... 
Everybody loves eating Milo powder as it is....
I fancy this way.
I love to eat it directly....without adding anything.
Sooooooo gooood!!! Even kids love it.

My niece is having an indulgence time with Milo...

She can't help it....and will eat until the bowl is clean.

Yummy! Her father (my brother) loves it too...

So, how do you like your Milo time?