My childhood henna

Do you know what this is?

I don't know what this is called.
It looks like rambutan (a type of Malaysian local fruit),
red and hairy.
But it is NOT even a fruit...because it is inedible.
Its shape is almost a heart, upside-down.
It contains many seeds inside its shell.
The seeds are unique for they have flesh,
that we can squeeze its red juice.
The juice looks exactly like ink.
We can evenly apply it onto our nails.
Let it dry for a moment.
Then we are ready to play!!!
Simply use water to rinse everything off the nails.

Well, it was one of my childhood toys.....which I usually plucked it
somewhere behind neighbour's my house.

Nowadays, children do not play
with this kind of natural things anymore...
do they??

So, what's your childhood toy?
I hope you still remember what you played with back then.
Surely, it will make you smile ridiculously
whenever you can recall one!


  1. First time here... do I have to write in English only?

  2. hahaha...Bahasa perancis pon boleh...