My memory of Aiskrim Malaysia

I didn't know that they call each of these as 'Malaysian Ice-cream'. It is a type of frozen juice which is packed in a transparent plastic tube. Well here, anything sweet and frozen is normally called 'ice-cream', with or without cream as one of the ingredients.

When I look at it, it reminds me a bit of my childhood. I ate this guy almost everyday. It was only 10 cents per tube during my time and sold everywhere near school. I remember buying this guy at my friend's house, her mother made this type of ice-creams. Her fridge was always full with aiskrim Malaysia.

My friend's house was just beside the school and even shared the same old fence with the school. It was so easy for me and my naughty classmates to sneak out during recess time to buy aiskrim Malaysia from her mother. Just so you know, school fence in the 90s was not as fancy and secured as what you mostly have nowadays. As my school was in the rural area, the fence (at the back of the school) was as simple as having bamboo rods or rustic wire fence.

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How time flies! It's been almost 20 years since I left primary school. It is now a proud school with more buildings and great wall fences all around, of course.

Well, back to the story of aiskrim Malaysia. It is so easy to make one. The things you need are any drinks or beverages at home and a few plastic tubes. You can buy the plastic tubes at any supermarkets or grocery stores. Just inform the seller you are looking for clear plastic bags for making ice-creams. All you have to do next is to pour the juice into the plastic tube. Then, you must tie its knot firmly to avoid leakage. Done!

I made mine out of sirap bandung (rose flavour drink with milk), jagung susu (corn flavour drink with milk), Sunquick Tropical flavour drink and asam masin (pickled plum drink). They are as good as my childhood aiskrim Malaysia. Mission accomplished!

So this is my memory of aiskrim Malaysia. What's yours?