Product review: Flameless candles with a remote control

I purchased these so long ago
in late August 2016, I think,
from eBay for only £7.49.

The remote control is used to change the light colours.
It can be used to switch them on/off,
and set an automatic timer to switch them off.

They come with a manual.

They are supposed to be scented candles...
but I am not sure whether this claim is true.
I don't smell anything nice at all but regular wax candle smell.

We have to buy the AAA batteries separately.
Lucky me, batteries in the UK are very cheap.
I got them from Poundland, as usual.
If you've been wondering what a Poundland store is like,
please refer to this link.
It is absolutely my favourite convenient store.
There is a Poundland branch near my house too.
So I don't need to buy stuff online from Poundland.
It only takes about 5 minutes to walk there.

Welcome 2017!

Farewell my dear 2016....
and please come 2017.
be nice to me...
be gentle to me...
Give me more memories...
as good as 2016 did
Give me more dreams
as great as 2016 did
Grant me more wishes
which I will cherish to the fullest!