Product review: Flameless candles with a remote control

I purchased these so long ago
in late August 2016, I think,
from eBay for only £7.49.

The remote control is used to change the light colours.
It can be used to switch them on/off,
and set an automatic timer to switch them off.

They come with a manual.

They are supposed to be scented candles...
but I am not sure whether this claim is true.
I don't smell anything nice at all but regular wax candle smell.

We have to buy the AAA batteries separately.
Lucky me, batteries in the UK are very cheap.
I got them from Poundland, as usual.
If you've been wondering what a Poundland store is like,
please refer to this link.
It is absolutely my favourite convenient store.
There is a Poundland branch near my house too.
So I don't need to buy stuff online from Poundland.
It only takes about 5 minutes to walk there.

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