Tarzan months!!!!

3/11/09 Tuesday
What a hectic life....... Yes, October and November are two Tarzan months! I feel like living in a black forest! It's more delicious than black forest cake. Who says living in a jungle is peaceful? Tell me! Who?! If it is, how can I similarize my life lately like Tarzan? Dear bloggers........don't you think living in a jungle causes you a lot more breathless days? Yes, there are snakes, lion, babi hutan, and the craziest one is hantu rimau! Those are creatures on the ground! So, you have to swing from branches to branches, otherwise you can run if you want to. But the thing is, that's why living in a city is more beneficial. You don't see those creatures creeping around your two legs. You may wear crocodile as a shirt, and a pair of crocs.....but if you are in a jungle....haha...you may see yourself in a crocodile's mouth! I'm sorry...NOT 'you may see yourself'....but I WILL SURELY SEE YOU in an iguana's belly.

Time flies as fast as Astroboy. I don't know whether I myself have made my life fast. But, if I'm not mistaken, my lecturers made my life swinging from a branch to another branch. I'm a Tarzan now, NO! Jane, maybe...haha!

I'm now in final examination weeks. At the same time, there several assignments should be submitted. Oh, dear! One of the assignments is WEB-folio.....we are developing our own web-page. Nevermind! We are crying now....but 'those who laugh at last, laugh the loudest'. There's a Malay saying: Berakit-rakit dahulu ke hulu, berenang-renang ke tepian, bersakit-sakit dahulu, last-last aku yang kesian.... Well...I'll survive. Another one is developing our own CD to teach Parts of Speech. We made it! Thanks to other team members! Your great cooperation has given me a big smile....Thanks! This is the cover of our instructional CD. Sorry for cursing everybody into several sea creatures.