Gucci ate all her pups!!!

Gucci got pregnant for exactly 16 days, starting 1/8/2010...normal for a Golden hamster.

Then, she ate all her pups as soon as her first litter - 16/8/2010. Funny! I knew she would. That was her first litter, she ate her pups due to inexperienced and anxiety. I don't know how many all together, but I'm pretty sure that they were ten pups or even more. And she ate all..haha. This is what we call 'infanticide'. It's common! I wonder why she didn't leave one, at least! Terrible hamster!

I saw her pups for a quite some time, before she finished child-birthing and killed the pups. Huh!
Her pups were as big as peas, or peanuts.

Gucci was sick weeks ago, days before she got pregnant. Her eyes were bleeding and she seemed very hurt. She jumped and bounced from and to nowhere. Amazingly she has recovered. Very soon! It took only two - three days, without bringing her to veterinary center.

Gucci always sleeps upside down....this is her hobby!
I give her vitamin daily....enough food as well. Don't worry! I spray her (using hamster shampoo) every two days..she is odorless, I'm sure! The cage is well maintained. The bathing sand smells jasmine. She now lives alone in her cage. Micci (her spouse) lives in another cage.
Well, pray for their health okay!

I love princess-like stuff!!

Siten (my pink squirrel) has her own tiara now!
I announce her "Princess Siten"....hehe. I bought the tiara for only RM5.00 at Hot Market Plaza Alam Sentral Shah Alam (6/8/2010). Very cheap!

Then, I bought two pairs of new shoes.... Hmm?!! Are they really shoes? Can they be fitted? They are just I purchased for no reasons. The baby shoes are soooo cute! I couldn't stop myself taking them... At least, one of them has become my mobile phone holder...

Yesterday (10/8/2010) I was craving for 5-layer-choc cheese cake but hardly found it. So, I had to replace it by consuming Oreo Cheeze and Chocolate Cheese from Secret Recipe. How frustrating! Never mind... Those were just enough. I'm not craving for any cheese cake anymore!

The end!!!

"Power Muffins"

5/8/2010 Thursday 8.45 p.m. - 11.20 p.m.

I suddenly felt like eating cakes... So I decided to bake one. But at the end, I ended up by having muffins, since I didn't have enough equipment to prepare a cake. I used anything I could. I didn't prepare for this, so there were a few ingredients missing.
To toss the flour, I used the tea filter..he3

I didn't have cocoa powder, so I used Pearl Choco Kacip Fatimah 3 in 1 and Neslo 3 in 1..... I had no choice..haha. That why I called the muffins "Power Muffins".

This my little rice has become multipurpose because of me.

There were only 3 - 4 muffins could be steamed at once.

Ready to serve...after 8-10 minutes of steaming.

They don't look appealing at all..haha. But they deserved to be called muffins.

The winner among all muffins that night.....

I'm planning to serve them to my classmates tomorrow!!! Enjoy!

Meet Marie!

4/8/2010 Wednesday

This is Marie, my new companion. She's a gently white female cat.

Huhu... I bought it at Dataran Cendekia UiTM Shah Alam this afternoon... I went there to responce to my tummy's request, asking for food. Well, I didn't mean to buy Marie too...I always drop by a kiosk that sells dolls and collectibles there. After having a great glance, I felt like falling in love with little Marie (Marie comes in three sizes, Small-RM12, Medium-RM25 and Large-RM49.90. At the end, I ended up buying the large's so adorable with her only eye opens!
I had a class to catch. Since I had to take a bus for the class, how many eyes would look at me carrying Marie to class? Nobody brings a doll to class, unless this university is meant for kindergarten kids.
So, before I left the kiosk..I asked the salesgirl to put Marie in a nontransparent plastic bag. Huhu....she didn't have any but a rubbish bag. Nevermind, anything would do to hide what I would be carrying...
As I arrived, I put Marie under my chair...nobody noticed. Suddenly one of my friends [Hasinah] asked, "Beli teddy-bear ape?" [What kind of animal stuff did you buy?]...huhu.
How did she know what I bought?
She had a great instint, I guess! haha.... She had a lucky guess on what I was carrying in the nontransparent plastic bag. Huhu....marvellous!
huhu...I you notice, a pink squirrel [terpenyek bawah Marie..haha] in the picture was given by her (Sinah) and another friend (Faten). That's why I named it 'Siten'..hahaha. The names have been perfectly combined, right? Easy to pronounce and catchy!
Since Marie is a cat, I'm afraid that Black [a rat] will always play hide and seek..haha.
Well, I love my collectibles equally! No matter which one comes first.....

I'm doing very well...??

2/8/2010 Monday

Dr.Azni was having a discussion with 3 students at APB. She suddenly stopped me and asked, "How are you doing?". I was in hurry and truly wanted to escape to do some work. Then I answered, "Since I'm Part 5, I'm doing very well". She laughed and I hold her hands gigling and asking back, "Can I answer that?". She laughed and said.."Sure..sure you can". Then I left her, 'proudly' as a Part 5 student.

p/s: [PROUD la sangat!!! Penat kot to reach this level...mcm2 perit jerih dilalui..uhuk2. Zaman2 hingusan yg 'membanggakan'...]

IKEA & New stuff for my hamsters!!!

30/7/2010 Friday
I've been here many times already...but this is the first time I went leisurely there with my friends. We were five all together (Hafiz, Noraini, Alia, Wan and I). Well, it wasn't for leisure at all. We have a 15-to-20-page-assignment to complete (Retailing subject - minor code)...haha. Instead of visiting, we were shopping some IKEA stuff. The things captured our eyes and brought about the lost of money..haha. Yeah, because we needed to pay for the stuff taken! For sure! Huhu...
Above picture:
Azwan and Kak Alia are searching for mini plants. Then he bought two plants and two empty porcelain pots.
Below picture:
Hafiz is holding a mini plant which Azwan then bought..Very nice display! I like!Above: Kak Ain is showing 'peace'....

After that, we went to IKEA Mall, level 3. Guess what?! There is "Pet Lovers Center"!!!! It made me crazy! There were countless cute hamsters, gerbils, rabbits and my dream guinea pigs! Hahaha...I saw chinchillas as well...RM320 for one! Sorry that I couldn't capture any photos...we were not allowed to use cameras inside! There were also adorable puppies...pity ones! Huhu....

Surely, I bought something for my hamsters at home. I took 1 kg sand bathing (strawberry scented) - RM14.90, a bottle of multi-vitamin - RM5.80 and a bell-ball - RM1.50.

I went home in a very cheerful mood. I cleaned Gucci and Micci's cage straight away! They seemed really happy with their new strawberry scented bathing sand. I put several drops of vitamin according to the instruction stated on the bottle...don't worry! You know what? The next day (31/7/2010), I saw them mating.'s a good moment! They will possibly get pups soon. I read articles about hamsters (Micci and Gucci are Golden hamsters or Syrian Hamsters) on the internet.

<!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE AR-SA MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 "Hamsters are seasonal breeders. Breeding season is from April to October in the northern hemisphere, with two to five litters of 1 to 13 young being born after a gestation period of 16 to 23 days. Gestation lasts 16 to 18 days for Syrian hamsters.

Golden hamster females are also very aggressive toward male hamsters and must be separated immediately after breeding in order to prevent an attack. Female hamsters are also particularly sensitive to disturbances while giving birth and may even eat her own young if she thinks they are in danger, although sometimes she is just carrying the pups in her cheek pouches.

It should also be noted that if a captive hamster is left for extended periods (3–4 weeks and more) with her litter, there is a high possibility that she will cannibalize the litter. It is therefore imperative that the litter be split up by the time the young can collect their own food and water." (

Wow! I was really surprised! I am now eager to know what will happen in 16 days time! Don't worry, I'll update that later!