I love princess-like stuff!!

Siten (my pink squirrel) has her own tiara now!
I announce her "Princess Siten"....hehe. I bought the tiara for only RM5.00 at Hot Market Plaza Alam Sentral Shah Alam (6/8/2010). Very cheap!

Then, I bought two pairs of new shoes.... Hmm?!! Are they really shoes? Can they be fitted? They are just adorable...so I purchased for no reasons. The baby shoes are soooo cute! I couldn't stop myself taking them... At least, one of them has become my mobile phone holder...

Yesterday (10/8/2010) I was craving for 5-layer-choc cheese cake but hardly found it. So, I had to replace it by consuming Oreo Cheeze and Chocolate Cheese from Secret Recipe. How frustrating! Never mind... Those were just enough. I'm not craving for any cheese cake anymore!

The end!!!


  1. yg laen cam x kesah sngat
    tpi kek tu nmpak sangat sedap seyh.....

  2. Yela ko ni...kek tu sedap tau Lep! Yummy! Ko nak? =P