Gucci ate all her pups!!!

Gucci got pregnant for exactly 16 days, starting 1/8/2010...normal for a Golden hamster.

Then, she ate all her pups as soon as her first litter - 16/8/2010. Funny! I knew she would. That was her first litter, she ate her pups due to inexperienced and anxiety. I don't know how many all together, but I'm pretty sure that they were ten pups or even more. And she ate all..haha. This is what we call 'infanticide'. It's common! I wonder why she didn't leave one, at least! Terrible hamster!

I saw her pups for a quite some time, before she finished child-birthing and killed the pups. Huh!
Her pups were as big as peas, or peanuts.

Gucci was sick weeks ago, days before she got pregnant. Her eyes were bleeding and she seemed very hurt. She jumped and bounced from and to nowhere. Amazingly she has recovered. Very soon! It took only two - three days, without bringing her to veterinary center.

Gucci always sleeps upside down....this is her hobby!
I give her vitamin daily....enough food as well. Don't worry! I spray her (using hamster shampoo) every two days..she is odorless, I'm sure! The cage is well maintained. The bathing sand smells jasmine. She now lives alone in her cage. Micci (her spouse) lives in another cage.
Well, pray for their health okay!


  1. aww, that's a pity none of her pup's left.
    hope she'll give birth to new litters again lataer