Ice-Skating for the 1st time...

22 October 2010 Happy Birthday Ravern!!

This is one of the days I've enjoyed most in my life. Kak Tira fetched Ravern and I up to Sunway Pyramid. Oh, not yet! We enjoyed Mamak food first at Section 7..haha. I had two delicious roti canai, common roti canai and roti Planta. Super duper tasty and marvellous as I'd been craving for it since ages.

We headed to Sunway Pyramid and started ice-skating at 5.30 p.m. sharp as the gate opened. Actually, I didn't want to join Kak Tira and Ravern. My only reason was, "I never play roller-blade. How am I supposed to try that bloody ice-skating!"

I can vividly remember when the first time roller-blade was first introduced to our country (I mean, one particular year that it suddenly became famous). It was around 1995-1997 I guess. I didn't even get to school yet those days, perhaps kindergarten.

One day, my father took my big brother, my older sister and I to a supermarket. The only goal going there was buying us roller-blades. For sure, at my age that time, I didn't even know how to use it. Well, at least I know how it is supposed to be used/played. We'd seen it on TV. Oh, dear! Advertisers are guineas!

My father bought two roller-blades. The green was for my brother and another pink was chosen for my sister. I asked, "where's mine?" But the answer is, "You are too young to play mainan orang besar". Before I could even turn into a lioness, he quickly took my hand to animal stuff and dolls section. I became blind. He chose me one big teddy-bear. It is hazel brown. That was the first big animal stuff in my life. From that moment, I love girl stuff and never dare to try any of boy's stuff. Poor me! Don't blame me 100% why I'm still collecting those animal stuff. Stop questioning why. Because I was brought up that way, to love those things.

Oh! Back to the story!!! Where was I? Oh, I said I didn't want to join Ravern and Tira. I just stood outside and watched them both from far. I was a photographer that day, until Ravern changed her mind. She said ice-skating was disastrous to her and I had to replace her. Yeah, paying RM13.00 for only one round, it would be wasteful..certainly. So I took her tag off and wore. To go in, we have to wear an arm-tag, as sign that you have paid the fee. But of course I didn't! Hahaha....then I tried the shoes. Ravern's size was 34, I had to change the shoes.

"Abang, tadi silap ukur la...saya sebenarnya kena pakai saiz 35", dengan selamba badak dan tak malunya I went to the counter.

[Sir, you've measured my shoe size wrongly...actually 35 would be better for me", I said shamelessly]

Yes! Mission achieved. So I went into the ice-skating court confidently. I never fell down but was walking like a newborn kitten. At least, I'd successfully completed one round of the court! Well, it is a personal accomplishment as I've never tried things like this, even a roller blade.

Well done! Sunway Pyramid Ice...I'll be here again!!

* Oh, the poor thing happened was, Ravern lost her glasses. Haha..Happy birthday..May Allah SWT bless you and bring you prosperity to buy new and trendy glasses!!


  1. yeay ninie update. anyway, by looking at d pictures, i know that you had such a big fun. haha. rindu pulak nak main Rollerblade. ohoh.

  2. I had humiliated myself there Moon! Mcm budak2 baru belajar jalan. Mcm anak rusa nani baru kembang ekor! hahaha.... Ok, I'll update my blog always! A lot more to tell. but no time to spend!