Breakfast - Sandwich Burger + Hamlet

29/10/10 Friday Morning

Tomorrow is my first final exam paper, Economics. I woke up early as usual, but a little earlier actually; 5.30 a.m. Preparing for subuh prayer then I slept again! at 9.00 a.m. I woke up, taking a pleasant bath. Next?!! I prepared my breakfast!!!

Sandwich Burger
1. Two slices of bread
2. 1 egg (stir well + a pinch of salt)
3. A slice of chicken burger
4. Chili sauce

How to prepare it?
1. Dip the bread in the well-stirred egg.
2. Fry and toss on a tissue to absorb the oil.
3. Then, fry the burger. (use margarine instead of oil)
4. Toss on a tissue paper to absorb the remaining oil.
5. Apply chili sauce on the fried burger. (using your finger, then you may lick the remaining chili sauce! Yummy!) *don't forget to wash your hand first!
6. Lastly, arrange them (bread and burger) as a sandwich.
7. You may slice the sandwich into four it'll be cutely easy to eat!
8. Serve it with a cup of hot tea! It would be a wonderful breakfast ever!!!

for Hamlet
*Repeat the same steps as to prepare sandwich burger.
*You don't need chili sauce and burger anymore.
*You just have to spread kaya cream on both slices of bread.
*Make it as sandwich! Ready to serve with a cup of tea or coffee!

********Good Luck*******

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