Drying my lavender

Previously, I talked about my visit to Hitchin Lavender.
I took home a great bunch of lavender flowers in my brown bag.

To prevent my lavender flowers from rotting, I had to let them dry.
I left them under the sun every day from morning to late afternoon,
presumably they could dry faster.
I did it for a couple of days, until they completely dried.
Thanks to the past hot summer week....
which made this drying process faster.

Well, lucky me, they really did dry.
I have some flowers which are still attached to the stalks
and some are without stalks as I removed them.
I gave quite a few bunches to my friends.
They were so happy.

Surprisingly the lavender smell is still there.
I've never thought the smell would remain the same
as much as it was when I first picked these flowers.

I am so glad!

Shakespeare Star Wars

I didn't that this kind of book ever exists....haha.
I encountered this when I visited the birthplace of Shakespeare,

I went there purposely to watch Cymbeline,
one of Shakespeare's famous noble work.
I will talk about it next time.

Marimo World #8: Extra Large Marimo - unboxing

This is my extra large marimo which I purchased online long ago.
The size is approximately 10 cm (diameter).

This is how I first got it, in this parcel.

I had to clean it...thoroughly, to remove dirt and sand.

I cut the excess...including black spots.

I put it into my marimo tank....together with its new friends!
It was floating for a couple of days. That's normal.

Then it sank to the bottom of the tank.

Bye now!

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