Drying my lavender

Previously, I talked about my visit to Hitchin Lavender.
I took home a great bunch of lavender flowers in my brown bag.

To prevent my lavender flowers from rotting, I had to let them dry.
I left them under the sun every day from morning to late afternoon,
presumably they could dry faster.
I did it for a couple of days, until they completely dried.
Thanks to the past hot summer week....
which made this drying process faster.

Well, lucky me, they really did dry.
I have some flowers which are still attached to the stalks
and some are without stalks as I removed them.
I gave quite a few bunches to my friends.
They were so happy.

Surprisingly the lavender smell is still there.
I've never thought the smell would remain the same
as much as it was when I first picked these flowers.

I am so glad!


  1. salam nini..ni kat mana? cantik2 place dia..nak pi sana lahh..
    meh la nini jadi tourist akk.. hehehe

  2. boleh2. thank you so much kak for remembering. maaf lama x check komen. adoyai bru baca. sorry ahaha

  3. yeke boleh ni?? bestnyaaa..hahahha.
    akk ni baru pelan2 nak blajar travel.. setakat ni baru asian tour je..
    i.allah may ni baru nak p aussie. melbourne je pun.
    akk tak sure nini kat mana ye dik? UK??
    2018 simpan slot tuk hajj, kalau ada lebih...nak jd p europe.

    Study molek2..take care dik