My 2016 Bedroom: Shabby Chic Contemporary

....Happy New Year...

I just re-decorated my little room.
It was my birthday 26th on 23 December 2015.
So I decided to give my room a new look
as a birthday gift for myself.
This birthday is very special
because it is my very first birthday to celebrate in the lovely UK.
I have been here for a year now, experiencing all four seasons....

**These pictures were taken using my phone camera so it turns out gloomy

As you can see, it is a tiny room.
It is the smallest room in the house.
So it looks a little crowded, but I am happy in it.
It is where I eat, rest, sleep, study and even play!
So that is why I have to make it as pleasant as it can be.
It is the only place I feel comfortable in this foreign land.
My room is my home.


This post is only the preview. 
I will show you around the room next time....
(after I transferred all the pictures from my digital camera)
so will see how it actually looks like.
I will also make tutorials on how to do stuff I display in the room.
Foam flower (rose)

Bye now....