I was at Leeds City for only 1 hour...literally.
19 June 2016.
I took a direct bus from York City (ZAP).
The journey took about 40 minutes, for GBP8.00 return.
I intentionally went there to touch its ground, so at least I've been there...haha.
No, actually I had some spare time in the morning.
My train to Knaresborough was at noon.
You can refer to the above link to see my previous post about that.

So these are among the pictures I managed to capture.

Well, I didn't do anything there but randomly taking pictures.

Bye now!

Beautiful Knaresborough

I love Knaresborough.
It is a beautiful historic little town situated in the Borough of Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
I got a chance to go there while visiting a friend who lives in York
in June. It was during fasting month.
I didn't feel tired at all, thanks to the lovely scenery.

Knaresborough is not far from York Station...about 30 minutes I think.
I traveled to many places nearby during my one-week-stay at York.
For that very reason, I can't remember exactly which one is which.
Plus, she did all the work...as my tour guide. I simply follow her...hahaha.
It's her place anyway.

I am glad that she brought me here.
I couldn't even imagine to enjoy such a majestic view like this.
It reminds me of Durham,
which is similarly a paradise.

Let's enjoy some of the pictures taken.
Well, these pictures actually don't do justice to what I saw.

Breathtaking, isn't it?
This one was taken from the Castle.

As this place reminds me of Durham,
Next time, I will show you some pictures when I visited Durham.
Here is the link.
As a fan of Harry Potter, Durham is a must-go-place!
You won't regret!

See you next time!

My strawberries are now ready!

I feel so blessed that I could taste strawberries from my plant again.
I didn't expect that it would be like it did last year.
Better actually! With lots of good and healthy strawberries.
Since last autumn, I didn't care about it at all.
I didn't even put any slug repellent to stop
slugs from eating its leaves.
I simply abandoned the pot at the backyard
for a year, throughout the other seasons
(Autumn 2015, Winter 2015/2016, Spring 2016).
But this Summer 2016, I was moving into another house.....
so I had to take the pot with me.
Since then, I kept watering the plant again,
expect on those rainy days.
And now, I could enjoy its ever glorious time again.
Thank you Lord for taking care of my plant.

When I didn't believe in it anymore....
it stayed strong and healthy without humans' help.
This really taught me that plants can naturally survive,
without humans' interference.
So can the humans, I think.
Even though some people might have abandoned us,
we can survive and move on...
and enjoy even more glorious days ahead.

My favourite brownies: Thorntons

To chocolate lovers out there....
These are the most scrumptious brownies ever!!!
Each bite will promise you a great chocolaty experience
which you will never forget.
The heavenly taste of chocolate in each bite will make you fly.

This pack of brownies is halal too....