My strawberries are now ready!

I feel so blessed that I could taste strawberries from my plant again.
I didn't expect that it would be like it did last year.
Better actually! With lots of good and healthy strawberries.
Since last autumn, I didn't care about it at all.
I didn't even put any slug repellent to stop
slugs from eating its leaves.
I simply abandoned the pot at the backyard
for a year, throughout the other seasons
(Autumn 2015, Winter 2015/2016, Spring 2016).
But this Summer 2016, I was moving into another house.....
so I had to take the pot with me.
Since then, I kept watering the plant again,
expect on those rainy days.
And now, I could enjoy its ever glorious time again.
Thank you Lord for taking care of my plant.

When I didn't believe in it anymore....
it stayed strong and healthy without humans' help.
This really taught me that plants can naturally survive,
without humans' interference.
So can the humans, I think.
Even though some people might have abandoned us,
we can survive and move on...
and enjoy even more glorious days ahead.

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