Wordless Wednesday: Blue and Pink for DIY

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Food to soothe dengue fever

I was admitted to hospital with dengue fever last year.
It didn't last long for I was taken care at home...with ubat nyamuk everywhere nearby.
My parents put a lot of effective efforts by forcing me to eat the following items:

(1) Fresh water crab (ketam nipah/batu)

I ate fresh water crabs everyday when I was suffering from dengue fever last year.
Try Maggi Ketam too...it's delicious!

(2) Dragon fruit (Buah naga)
The red flesh dragon fruits is better than the white. I don't know whether this has been scientifically proven, but indeed, the red one is always tastier and sweeter than the white.

(3) Pomegranate (Buah delima)
As we know, all parts of a pomegranate tree can be fully utilized to make medicine for centuries.

Old folks say, these are good to cure dengue fever.