Food to soothe dengue fever

I was admitted to hospital with dengue fever last year.
It didn't last long for I was taken care at home...with ubat nyamuk everywhere nearby.
My parents put a lot of effective efforts by forcing me to eat the following items:

(1) Fresh water crab (ketam nipah/batu)

I ate fresh water crabs everyday when I was suffering from dengue fever last year.
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(2) Dragon fruit (Buah naga)
The red flesh dragon fruits is better than the white. I don't know whether this has been scientifically proven, but indeed, the red one is always tastier and sweeter than the white.

(3) Pomegranate (Buah delima)
As we know, all parts of a pomegranate tree can be fully utilized to make medicine for centuries.

Old folks say, these are good to cure dengue fever.


  1. boleh mkn ke ketam batu ni... dgr kate xboleh...kalau demam biasa2 pun akk buat sup ketam..sedapnye lahai...tu la taun ni pun kawasan perumahann kita byk kes demam denggi..

  2. Ada juga org kata...sbb ketam ni macam hidup dua alam. Sebenarnya TIDAK. Dan fatwa dh claim ketam batu HALAL....hehe. Mujarab ni.