Yes, some say working is tiring....
but as long as you know how to treat yourself...
working can be enjoyably delicious!

The picture below is one of the most scrumptious breakfast meal I have had so far.
Roti Titab, a slice of grilled bread with four dots of kaya jam
and one stunning half-cooked egg on top......
I had it last month.

**kaya is a traditional Malaysian jam which is made of eggs, sugar, pure coconut milk and corn starch.

While slurping a cup of aromatic kampung coffee (plain bittersweet coffee),
I could vividly indulge myself in a mixed smell of various foods from the tables around me.

The meal itself made me full and so I didn't get a chance to eat other foods offered.
But of course, I still had a blessed time to enjoy tasty bites of my friends' meals....
including nasi kapal terbang, pulut pagi, nasi himpit sambal and nasi tumpang.

My office-mate (right), Dr Sennicolas (middle) and Abang Din...the best driver ever (left).

The owner of KOPITIAM KITA is on the left.

I will surely visit this place again....KOPITIAM KITA.
  • 4357-A, Taman Desa Jaya, Jalan Pengkalan Chepa,
  • 15400 Kota Bharu


  1. Macam best jer... bilalah nak jejak kaki ke klantan lagi ni...

  2. Bila ke kelantan, singgah la "Kopitiam Kita" ni. Tapi buka waktu pagi je rasanya sampai 10.00 a.m.