Scrap-card: A Boy over Flowers

How do I get the idea of a freaking boy catching a flower?

I've just finished watching a famous Korean drama, Boys over Flowers...for the 1000th time..haha. It is story describing 4 super-handsome young men who are obsessed by million tons of flowers, which are referring to girls...of course. And with that, I wonder if it were literally to be real flowers, would the guys cling over them? Hahaha...smelling, touching and picking up the flowers. Oh dear me...would that happen? Sooo sweeettt.... We believe that boys do not like flowers as much as girls do....

However, there are boys who adore flowers.... Does it affect their masculinity? Does it decrease their machismo (macho)? Nopp...not at all. This fact will not affect their masculinity, believe me...

For example, my father...(yes, he's a man..not boy..haha)... He loves gardening and adores orchids and sunflowers so much.

I love this pattern...classical English style. So flowery...& pinkish too!

I tied a bow with a pink button...
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Free Doodles: Niedoodle Series


These are free doodles I created for you guys, as regards to upcoming Malaysian Independence Day and Hari Raya Eid Fitri. Actually, I got some doodle orders (for logos) for several online shopping companies and just finished them all. I am currently working on drawing some more for my scrap-booker friends, for their scrap-booking projects. As I had some fancy time to spare, I drew some for you.... They were all saved in PNG format.

Feel free to grab any....simply right clic
k and save it.

For scrappers (scrapbookers), you may print the black and white doodles out for your creative projects. So you can colour them yourself. Kindly grab the Diary.Nie's Gallery Doodle Badge at the side bar and put at any corner (even at the bottom) of your blog.

For bloggers, freely take it...I don't mind. Don't forget to leave your message anywhere, that you have taken it.. =)

These doodles are wearing our National Clothes...

This is Ninot

This is Mimot
This is Pijot

I'll create more next time.... You can suggest too so I can make it for you!!

Happy Scrapping and Happy Decorating Your Blog!!!!

Memo Card: I'm Back to School This September

This campus break, I've been working as a temporary English Language teacher at my former school, in the middle of a town....Oh, dear me... My former I come! Hahaha....

Time flies very fast...people say. I've finished my study. And I'll be going back to campus this continue my Masters Degree... Aahhh...what a boring life! will be tiring, for sure. I wish I could stay in this school break forever...haha.

To recall the joyful life I had during my first Degree....I made a scrap-memo card, with a theme "I'm back to School" since I'll be going back to the university campus next two weeks. Days during my first Degree were my glorious past time with friends whereby we had so much laughter and love together. With this memo card, I wish I would get the same joy with some new friends this September and onward.

I'm using my ex-classmates I miss them!!! I printed them out in black&white to make it look old yet ancient....

On this memo card, I left a space where I can write anything like memo or note using a pencil. I can erase it anytime I want to change the caption.


This is how I made this memo card

I cut a black cardboard to shape like a school bus.

I made the wheels...

Fold it into four

Cut a bit, the edge...

Paste it on the wheel part of the cardboard

Stamp together with a picture...Make another wheel and stamp another picture.

This is a 'book'....very cute. It is sold at any scrapbook stores.

I used my beloved glue-gun to stamp a yellow ribbon on.

I decorated the memo card with some artificial leaves and flowers....

Like I said earlier, I left a space where I can write anything like memo or note using a pencil. I can erase it anytime I want to change the caption.


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Angry Birds Trend: Ummi 1st Lucky Draw

"Angry Birds" seems to be a new trend amongst youngsters in Malaysia. It grows rapidly as the popularity of Domo-Kun is increasing. I'm neither an iPhone user nor SmartPhone user, so I don't bother much about what Angry Birds really are. However, as a teacher...I realize that it is very important for me to walk in the trend...haha. With that, they (my students) will never call me 'ancient' or out-of-date. So, I ended up searching for Angry Birds on Wikipedia.

"Angry Birds
is a puzzle video game developed by Rovio Mobile. Inspired primarily by a sketch of stylized wingless birds, the game was first released for Apple's iOS in December 2009. Since that time, over 12 million copies of the game have been purchased from Apple's App Store, which has prompted the company to design versions for other touchscreen-based smartphones, such as those using the Android operating system, among others".

As I was browsing through the google world, I found this lucky draw contest...organized by a blogger friend, Ummi Rosalicious.

Ummi is offering her followers 6 Angry Bird Mini Hand-phone Strap...

* This picture is for illustration purpose only...hehe

Do you want to join too?!!

Click HERE
You can visit her at:

They are luckily tagged by me:

Nora Rashid

Run away <3

My 100th Follower

Thank you very much to all followers for supporting me all this while.

This special award I humbly presented to Mimi who is very lucky to be the 100th follower at Diary.Nie's Gallery. This is the very first recognition I gave to present my appreciation.

This is Mimi and her happy family....

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Thank you for being supportive....*hugs with love <3

Photo Editing Contest: By Ein Razak & Dayah Jelita

It seems like I cannot sleep tonight....just finished cooking for sahur (very early breakfast before fasting).

Nothing to do, here I am. Blogwalking in the middle of this sacred night, here I am. Finding ilmu (knowledge) is considered ibadah....kutip pahala via technology la kot2 Lailatul Qadar..cess, konon la!

And so, I found this contest!! Since I don't have important things to do, I edited a picture just now. Although it's just a simple piece of art, it's enough to kill my time...can't sleep indeed.
Since I love photography....and editing too for spare time, so I should give a kick on this. Thanks're helping me to sleep too..hehe

Click this banner to join ya!!

Below is the picture I would be editing...
I'll show you the tutorial soon.
The picture was taken last month, at Canseleri UiTM Shah Alam...a very beautiful place, flowery!



This is the can copy if you like..
I made it in JPEG so you can grab it freely.

Adobe Photoshop CS4


Done!! Wish me luck!

As regard to becoming Eid Fitri, I've made a Raya Template in replacing kad raya.
Another picture I'd edited this evening was a picture of the biscuits I baked.



Thanks Ein Razak & Dayah Jelita for such a great contest...
Salam Aidilfitri for both of you and all readers!!

At least, I got something to do tonight....yeay!!