Domo-kun Biscuit!! Raya oh Raya...

If your kids love monsters, you should try this!! You'll make your kids' dining time as fun as in their fantasy...

Since Domo-kun has become a new trend....
I tried to bake Domo Biscuit/Cookie
Although it turns out so scary...(as I usually do) is still edible..I'm

I made biscuits for Eidul Fitri (Hari Raya) which is celebrated in Malaysia after 1 month going through a fasting month, Ramadhan al-Mubarak....
Hari Raya is a great festival in Malaysia

Those who live in the West can bake Domo Biscuits for Halloween...

This is the basic dough... I created the recipe myself, haha...

This is for White Croissant Biscuits

I applied some egg yolk on the biscuits to make it look more outstanding...

This is the next.....Daisy Biscuits
The most famous home-made biscuits during Hari Raya

Bake them all in the oven at 175'C
After 20-25 minutes baking them in the oven

Domo Biscuit looks scary...
I didn't have dark-brown colouring, so I mixed orange colouring and red colouring...
I gave the biscuit to my students....hahaha
I baked Domo Biscuit with Fruity Flower Biscuits

For (Daisy Biscuits):
2 1/2 cups of margarine
1/2 tea-spoon of vanilla essence
1 egg
2 or less cups of sugar
7 cups of flour
1 cup of custard flour
1/2 cup of corn flour

1) Blend/Mix all green ingredients, to be creamy
2) Add red ingredients little by little while mixing the dough.
3) Use icing-maker (flower) to create little daisy flowers.
4) Decorate them with cherries.
5) Bake for 20-25 minutes in the oven at 175'C

For (White Croissant Biscuits):
Use the same ingredients as Daisy Biscuits, but add 2 more cups of flour

For (Fruity Flower Biscuits):
Use the same ingredients as Daisy Biscuits, but add 2 cups of red/green cherries and dried grapes....or any other dried fruits.


  1. sdp la...kite pn br pas wt kuih raya...=)

  2. pandai tak pandai...tolon mak sikit2 jew...;d

  3. hehe....poyo je ni wat biskut. dh bertahun2 x wat.

  4. wlpun biskut tu nampak scary, tapi sayang lah nak makan. sbb unik! sis ni kreatif sgt! :P

  5. ninie~~
    post some Daisy biscuits kat I *menggedik*

  6. alamak..tkt nk mkn sekut domo tu..hehe

  7. wah awalnya buat kuih raya ! bak sikit :) kalau nak try buat welcome image tu , akak boleh tengok kat blog ni

    atau blog ni

    err tak pe ke panggil akak ? beza umur setahun je. hehe :) happy blogging !

  8. wow domo-kun biskut.comey kott.huhu

  9. Nadiayana=Tq...cuba la. Buat n xyah mkn...scary!
    Saki=Daisy n Domo got the same taste..haha
    MissKechique= Sgt takut kan? xnk wat dh...nanti hidup.
    Pika= Thanks...ok,nk try wat la..<3
    Sakurasue=Comel?! Menakutkan jer...

  10. waaaa ! boleh try buat nie .... mesti sedap kn hehehe ... suker nyer !

    btol2 domo mmg kiut pown hehehe ...


  11. Roughly how many biscuits will be produced based on ur recipe nie yea ninie? just asking. huhu

  12. Aimoo = for each recipe, you only get a regular jar of biscuits...approximately 50++....