My 100th Follower

Thank you very much to all followers for supporting me all this while.

This special award I humbly presented to Mimi who is very lucky to be the 100th follower at Diary.Nie's Gallery. This is the very first recognition I gave to present my appreciation.

This is Mimi and her happy family....

You may visit Mimi at

Feel free to grab this award badge if you like it...

because if you are the next follower after Mimi, you will surely be my 100th++ follower =)
Thank you for being supportive....*hugs with love <3


  1. alhamdulillah...semakin bertambah follower
    anda ditag...kalau berminat bolehlah join..

  2. Lieyna, Sara & Nadiah...Okay, will be visiting u soon =)