Photo Editing Contest: By Ein Razak & Dayah Jelita

It seems like I cannot sleep tonight....just finished cooking for sahur (very early breakfast before fasting).

Nothing to do, here I am. Blogwalking in the middle of this sacred night, here I am. Finding ilmu (knowledge) is considered ibadah....kutip pahala via technology la kot2 Lailatul Qadar..cess, konon la!

And so, I found this contest!! Since I don't have important things to do, I edited a picture just now. Although it's just a simple piece of art, it's enough to kill my time...can't sleep indeed.
Since I love photography....and editing too for spare time, so I should give a kick on this. Thanks're helping me to sleep too..hehe

Click this banner to join ya!!

Below is the picture I would be editing...
I'll show you the tutorial soon.
The picture was taken last month, at Canseleri UiTM Shah Alam...a very beautiful place, flowery!



This is the can copy if you like..
I made it in JPEG so you can grab it freely.

Adobe Photoshop CS4


Done!! Wish me luck!

As regard to becoming Eid Fitri, I've made a Raya Template in replacing kad raya.
Another picture I'd edited this evening was a picture of the biscuits I baked.



Thanks Ein Razak & Dayah Jelita for such a great contest...
Salam Aidilfitri for both of you and all readers!!

At least, I got something to do tonight....yeay!!


  1. waaa yg gmba bunga menarik..
    gud luck ye awk.. =)

  2. Makasih Lynn.... Thanks Cik Maia... Tq jugak Dayah Jelita