Korean Drama-like Lunch Box

I made a lunch box, once....for myself.
Why does it turn out so SCARY?
It should be like this,actually...lol.
As in Boy Over Flowers; A famous Korean drama
I wish I could make something like this...somehow...next time, of course.
It's super-licious, isn't it?

LOVE THESE MUCH!!! yummy.....

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  1. memang superlicious pon. egg-roll.. yum yum! :P

  2. cococomel kot!
    i am smiling looking at this post.
    btw, i watch that korean drama too!
    yes, it's awesome.

    p/s:what are u using for the hair part eh?
    hee hee.
    just in case nak try nanti.

  3. Nadiyana= Sedap!!! tp susah nk cari kt m'sia. xde supply
    Maicher= for Gu Jun Pyo's hair,we use seaweed...ada jual kt supermarket kat shelves cekedis n kropok2...gulung2 guna air sikit...seaweed ni yg Koreans always eat...rasa mcm bilis je. Mcm kertas,kaler hitam. People use it to cover onigiri,nasi kepal Korea...sushi pon guna jugak! I made sushi once, rupa ada...but the taste was slightly different...pelik je rasa.

  4. waaaaaaaa. hahaha:D NAMPAK yummy gi-la yg jan-di buat. haha. teacher, keep it up !