I realize something about HUD.....

Sunday 13th of September 2009 9.28 a.m
As I was digging back my Asasi TESL Melaka pictures on my beloved laptop, I notice something I’ve disregarded a long time ago. Silly on me! Supposedly, I could have classified about each of my Asasi TESL friends throughout their crazy photogenic postures since years ago! Well, today’s post, I want to start commenting on HUD @ Hudy Lauruce as he is, sadly, the lowest profile guy in every picture! I know this is not his intention at all. But, talking about height, of course we accidentally forced HUD to stand at the very back of us whenever we took pictures! Poor HUD…..

We are sorry! Obviously, you have the smallest head in every picture, which everyone else could have chances to show their “tahi gigi”. Poor dearly Hood… These are pictures (Asasi TESL Melaka: July 2007 – May 2008) that can be the evidences why I say HUD has the lowest profile among us…he3. He was always smiling at the end of the planet…he could be in Mars or Venus.

Le Tour De Buka Puasa....

What is Ramadhan to you?

Is it as meaningful as it is to me? I hope it really is, even more to you. I am so glad that I have you guys (friends) here. Although I am apart from my family, this Ramadhan becomes more and more fantastic than it used to be with own my family at my hometown. Shah Alam, this is the place where I link myself to the world. Majlis Berbuka Puasa is everywhere to attend, informally or formally. I mean, we have been creating more and more breaking fast ceremony unintentionally amongst us. Thanks for making my Ramadhan alive, without my family at my hometown! This Ramadhan is the best Ramadhan ever, as it is the first time fasting as a real UiTM Main Campus student. Isn’t it lovely? These are the list of Breaking Fast Ceremony amongst friends that I enjoyed so much.

FIRST Tour: 29/08/09
Destination: Section Seven restaurant
People involved: My cousins (Yan, Kak Dina and Kak Ida) and I.

SECOND Tour: 31/08/09
Destination: My house
People involved: Alia, Toon and I.

THIRD Tour: 4/9/09
Destination: Dr.O and Madam Noraini’s house
People involved: LGB3A, LGB3B, Part 2 Students and Part 4 Students.

FOURTH Tour: 5/9/09
Destination: Hasinah and Masitah’s house
People involved: C-Nah, Kak Ita, Kak Ain and I.

FIFTH Tour: 6/9/09
Destination: My house
People involved: Ida, Jib and I.

SIXTH Tour: 10/9/09
Destination: My house
People involved: Kak Hanis, Kak Farha, C-Nah, Kak Ita, Kak Shima, Faten and I.

I've A lot to Tell You, But A few Time to Spend!

These are some pictures during Breaking Fast Ceremony at Dr.O and Mdm. Noraini's house at Crystal Road Section 7 on 4th of September 2009, Friday evening.
My friends...English for Professional Communication Semester3

From left: Me, Alia and Kak Tira

At the Dinner table, outside the house...The foods are delicious!