Good Bye 2012

Giveaway By Cartieca Story

I hope I'm not too late to join this...

The prizes are:
cute bag, shawl, sling bag, shawl, 2 cute brooch
Due date:
30 December 2012
Really wish to win the sling bag...hehe!!

Simple Bride but Gorgeous...

The bride is my friend's friend...
My friend is the one in blue...a loving lecturer.
Love her so much as well as her baju kurung.
She looks so elegant just like that.
Btw, I illegally stole this picture from her FB...hehe

You don't depend on your dress too much to look beautiful.
You yourself will beautify your dress and look beautiful.
You are what you wear.
....Less is more...

Segmen Tambah Follower Di Hujung Tahun

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Target followers: 750

Thanks for the segment ya, Miss BaNu!!
Hope you guys will join too...just click on the banner!

Expired: 29 Disember 2012

Doodle for Baby Naurah

This is special for Naurah's cute mom Lady Barbella

I hope you like it....
Of course, real Naurah is more beautiful than her doodle!!

Note to Big Naurah:
I hope you will remember Auntie Ninie when you've grown up one day.
Naurah, grow well and be a good cute girl ya....amiiin.

Great things on my birthday!

I turn 23 on 23rd December 2012...
Such compliments can make us happy,
regardless they really mean it or not...
Although they are NOT TRUE, seriously, they make my heart blossom
that I feel appreciated.

It was hung at my door house while I was sleeping.
The person left and sent me a text message.
I ran out in my pajama without brushing my teeth
but she was nowhere to be found.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for such a wonderful gift.
Hasinah and Fatin
I will build it, decorate it, display it and treasure it!!


Abah said:
"HBD. Nak hadiah gapa? Myvi"

Ummi said:


Pencarian Bloglist Januari 2013

I joined because Fara's banner is soooooo cute!!! Love it so much!

Hope you guys will join too...bye.

Lovely Beijing #1: The Great Wall of China

During winter, it's extremely freezing on The Great Wall.
Lucky it wasn't snowing while I was there.
So climbing was easy and smooth while enjoying the majestic view around.

Couldn't climb any was exhausting. The temperature was -12'C or worse.

The wind was even worse, strong and cold...

Every padlock left along The Great Wall is a symbol of eternal love....
mostly done by lovers.

....and with great memories....
I left The Great Wall which I dreamed to climb since I was a kid.


Wordless Wednesday: Oyster

Fresh and refreshing...BUT not tasty!!! It was my first time eating this raw.

Crab in Lemongrass Soup

Fresh crabs...still moving.

You need:

-- 4 crabs (don't forget to clean them ya!)
-- 1 tablespoons of minced garlic
-- 4 shallots (sliced) OR 1 red onion (sliced)
-- 4 stalks of lemongrass
-- 4 cups of water (or more)
-- salt (as much as you like..hehehe)

Put all the ingredients into a big pot. Use medium heat and wait until the water gets boiling before you add salt. Don't forget to taste and add more salt if needed. DONE!!!

Wordless Wednesday: Home-made Roti Impit

Process to make Roti Impit:


Finding Animal-like Baby Sweater

Where can I find these in Malaysia?
I've been to jusco Klang, The Store Shah Alam and many other places, BUT I found nothing like these!!

Pictures source: Google Images

Poop is Cute

This is my new poop plush, 36cm tall. I named her "Poopy".

The world has changed. We view things differently. I myself found "poop" character as cute as the other cartoon characters. I wonder who invented such cartoon character, while the real "poop" in our world is definitely disgusting and immoral, indeed, to be talked about.

We have many poop characters in manga, comics and cartoon series. They are all adorable!
There are quite a few toilet decorated restaurants in China and Taiwan.
The theme suits the environment well. The place is so nice to dine in.
Regardless what the chairs are made of....haha. They are toilet bowls. But, yes, they are clean. 
I hope to find this restaurant soon....

 Look at these ice-creams! Really want to try some!
I think, Super Junior movie (2007) "Attack on The Pin-Up Boys" has made the poop cartoon famous and glorious more than its fact...hehe.

Bye now !!

Lovely Singapore #2: Sentosa Luge

Bagi para penggemar aktiviti lasak dan mencabar, semestinya Sentosa Luge menjadi pilihan. Luge yang separa go-kart dan toboggan, merupakan kenderaan bertayar tiga tanpa kuasa enjin yang dikawal pandu sambil menggelongsor menuruni bukit 650m menghadap Pantai Siloso.

"Thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies will be sure to love Sentosa Luge. Part go-kart and part toboggan, the luge is non-motorised, three-wheel carrier you sit on and control while whizzing downhill on the 650m jungle trail track towards Siloso Beach" (Source: Your Singapore).

You can enjoy this at Sentosa Island, Singapore.
 The fee is about $12.50 (about RM32.00).

(Pakej pelajar yang saya pegi ni x mahal pun...lebih kurang RM150.00 je sekepala. One-day trip. Bertolak dari UiTM Shah Alam ngn bas, terus ke Singapura. Pakej termasuk group passport bagi sesiapa yang xde passport sendiri. Murah kan?Kalo berminat, bleh tgk website ni: desREAL HOLIDAY)

This is my picture taken while I was driving a luge. It was thrilling and exciting!
We can drive as fast as we can't feel the air, or as slow as we want to enjoy the scenery....
Just pull the break (the handle bar), and control the speed as you wish.

As I reached the finish line....I felt like taking one more ride! Hahaha...
You can see the Siloso Beach from here.

Next, since you are now down at the'll be taken up again to the top of the hill.
This is called "Skyride".... To me, it was enjoyable being on the air. Feeling like flying...really!
The most exciting was....I had to take care of my shoes...(kalau jatuh, memang x leh amik dah).

This is the majestic view you can view from the skyride.

I hope to ride Skyline Luge again in a few years... =)

BYE now !!!

For my next post, I'll tell you about "Extreme Log Ride" (the indoor roller coaster)...

Hantaran for a friend's engagement

Thank GOD...finished all these after 4 hours... =)