Poop is Cute

This is my new poop plush, 36cm tall. I named her "Poopy".

The world has changed. We view things differently. I myself found "poop" character as cute as the other cartoon characters. I wonder who invented such cartoon character, while the real "poop" in our world is definitely disgusting and immoral, indeed, to be talked about.

We have many poop characters in manga, comics and cartoon series. They are all adorable!
There are quite a few toilet decorated restaurants in China and Taiwan.
The theme suits the environment well. The place is so nice to dine in.
Regardless what the chairs are made of....haha. They are toilet bowls. But, yes, they are clean. 
I hope to find this restaurant soon....

 Look at these ice-creams! Really want to try some!
I think, Super Junior movie (2007) "Attack on The Pin-Up Boys" has made the poop cartoon famous and glorious more than its fact...hehe.

Bye now !!

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  1. I've heard of this place before. An interesting place to eat indeed. I wonder kalau selera I masih ada atau tidak bila dah sampai dekat kedai tuh tapi ais krim dia nampak tip top Y_Y