The Lost World of Puncak Alam

Yes, I have another story to share. What a beautiful morning it was.....until I ruined it! It happened last I went to PTAR1 (UiTM Library) with my classmate, Hasinah. As we have studied for hours, I wanted to go home early. I told Hasinah, I would go first and see her the next day in class. Alright! That was her word.
I walked to the nearest bus stop (Seroja Bus Stop) and waited for a bus...Rapid KL, hopefully. But there was none! I felt like walking home. My apartment was just a stone throw away....seriously! Not a stone. It can also be sandal or shoe as I was really mad waiting for ages. I should have walked home, but....I was so lazy to walk.... After an hour of crazily the bus came! But, it was Puncak Perdana Bus, belongs to UiTM. Well, as the bus would use the same way as to my house, I got into the bus! Why not? It's not wrong to carpool...or buspool...or...busfool....
Dear me! It was not UiTM Puncak Perdana bus....Aiyop! It used totally different roads. It was heading to UiTM Puncak Alam!
"What? 2 hours ahead to reach that bloody place! What am I going to do there? I have not been there! What a sengal day!"
The thing was, I could not tell the bus driver to stop. I was too afraid if I was dropped at any strange place.
Oh, dear! Well, I deserved it! There is a Malay saying "Malu bertanya sesat jalan". Yes, we should ask people for things we don't know.
Haha.....I ended up visiting my sisters's friend at UiTM Puncak Alam. It became a very interesting experience as I could know a new place. I took the same bus at 5.00 p.m. at arrived home (Shah Alam) at nearly 7.00 p.m....
What a great journey....

Another Story to Tell....

19/10/09 Monday
Everyday in my life is a story. The genre, however, is divided into many modes. They can be silent mode, malu mode, sengal mode and many more! Sometimes they are even jokes, I don't know why I have so much stories to tell....but I wonder why I don't have enough time to write....Oh, poor me!
The story begins......Enjoy it!
Yesterday, 19th of October 2009, I had an assessment for Professional Communication class. Well, it ran was an interview. We have had teleconferencing, meetings and many more. Never mind! It's not the story.....
I was the first candidate, so that I could go home early. I didn't go back home straight away, but heading to Plaza Alam Sentral for a while. Nearly 12 p.m., I was home. As I felt bombastically tired, the saporific feelings dropped on my two eyes, influenceing me to shut them up. Okay, so I did.
It was nearly 4 p.m already! Poor me! I quickly ran to perform Zohor prayer. Oh, My God.... Asar time is coming already.... Well, I accidentally prayed late......
Then, I felt so itchy and had to take a pleasant bath. Yes, I did! At the same time, I washed my white shirt (which I wore during the interview assessment), an inner singlet and a pink pyjama shirt. As I washed it myself, I had to dry them manually using the washing machine spinner. Alright!
So, I walked to a chamber-like balcony of my house. It is a place where the washing machine is located. Alright! I opened its door and entered the chamber. You know, the chamber is a sort of balcony. There are millions of holes (each hole is very big!) so everybody who are passing by can see whoever in the chamber. Well, every house in my apartment has that locate the washing machine and to hang clothes or whatever.
Back to the real story...... As I entered the chamber, I put my clothes into the spinner. Suddenly, I heard a loud bang! I turn left. Nothing bad! was just the door! As I did not close it, it closed itself when the wind fiercely blew....even if it blew softly. Then, I switched the fuse on, and turn the spinner button into number 3. Well done, Ninie! I must go out from the chamber as I didn't not fully or properly dress...... I didn't even cover my head. was 4.30 p.m, nobody passing by. But, I still had to properly attire and I would come back here to take all the clothes after it stops spinning. And so, as the door was closed by the kind wind just now, I had to open it again....Okay, I twisted the door knob.
Twisted? How could I use past tense? I could NOT have even twisted it! I was locked! The knob stuck! Oh. My Goodness!!!!! I was entrapped!!!
Nobody was at home, I knew that. Except for Kak Ain, she was deadly sleeping in her room. I felt like screaming, calling Kak Ain's name. But, if I did so, there must be the whole apartment, neighbours and the cleaners would come and watch me. What? NO...NO...NO! what a shame! I didn't want people to know I was in the chamber....I mean, people who were passing by..... Oh, dear! I tried many ways to escape, but I could not. Do you know why? There are no ways to go out, except that only terrible door!!!!! Be patient......yes, I would. On top, there is a window linking to the toilet. I would dare to climb and sneaked into! Oh, dear! If only I could. The window is even more awful! I could only open it a little bit! How could I get through? Tell me! Of course I could not! I did not know how many hours I had spent trying to be out of that scary place......filthy, dirty and horrible!
I knew, it had been hours already. Praying to dearly ALLAH SWT, I hoped Kak Ain would wake up and go to the kitchen. The chamber is located next to the kitchen. At least, I could knock and knock the door, so that she would notice me! This door is bugaboo!!! But, it was just a dream within a dream.............I sat on my pail, on its bottom. I turned it top-down. By the way, I had to wear all clothes I had spinned. I used my singlet to be the scaft (kain tudung). I sat at the very corner of the chamber, dark side, so that NObody could see me. I rather wanted to wait for my other housemates to come back.
Oh, dear! It was getting dark. I could see people passing by, but I was too shy to stop one of them...... There were only guys. Girls were walking like running, how could I ask them a favour? Otherwise, they wouldn't stop, I'm sure. They would think I was a ghost!!! Yes, the chamber is dark. Oh, dear!!!!
I could hear the sound of azan.....mosquitoes had bitten my legs..... I was still sitting on my red pail, on its bottom, which I turn it another way around. I put a small dirty towel found, on it so it would comfort my seat.......My white shirt, pyjama and singlet had accidentally dried already....because I wore them.
Suddenly, I felt so frustrated. My roommates did not turn up. Usually, they would arrive around 7 o'clock. I knew it was already 7 because I heard the azan from the masjid nearby. Well, I left everything to God. If K.Izah did not come back from work, if Najibah did not come back from class and if Kak Ain did not wake up her wonderful sleep......I would rather wait until the next morning. I did not want to shout and call the entire neighbourhood. No!
As soon as I felt sleepy, I could hear the jiggling sound of dancing keys. I threw my eyes out. It was Najibah, my roommate!!!! Alhamdulillah! God had saved me. But it was not the end yet!!!!
I stood up and said, "Jib, hurry up!" Then, she looked at me. I said again, "Jib, open!". Then she entered the house. But, I wondered why she did not open this chamber door!!! I wanted to go out! I was entrapped here almost 3 hours. Then, I whispered, "Jib, open this door!"
She then opened the door. I hugged her and wanted to cry. I was too happy actually. I asked her, "why didn't you open this door straight away?"..... Actually, she did not understand what I mean. She thought I was not locked inside....huhu....
I am free!!!!! Hurray!!!!!
Then, 5 minutes after that...K.Ain woke up. Oh,dear!!!! How could you! Whatever! As long as I am free's okay...Haha...
The End...

Wonderful Night!

Malam Sejuta Bintang......
(Night of A Million Stars)
16/10/2009 Friday Night 8.00-11.30p.m.
It was organised by Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar & Sekretariat Mahasiswa Fakulti, Academy of Language Studies. The dinner was held at Grand Blue Wave Hotel, Shah Alam. It is a luxurious hotel. Well, thanks to UiTM and APB for paying all these! This dinner was held to appreciate all graduates, pre-graduates (Part6), Dean's Award students and SAF athletes. One of the other objectives was to give Dean's Award to the students who got 3.5 and above.
But the most important thing is the golden experiences and delicious moments that we have gained a lot.....Love you friends!

Tengkolok.....We are the Kings of the night!
Kanak-kanak sihat! (The healthy kids)

Faten & Ida

Happy faces.....although this is only a half-way journey

Kak Farha, Madam Noraini, Dr.O, me, Ema, Masitah...

Acknowledgement: Nurul Ain Jannah was supposed to attend this dinner too, but she was not here for some circumstances.