Wonderful Night!

Malam Sejuta Bintang......
(Night of A Million Stars)
16/10/2009 Friday Night 8.00-11.30p.m.
It was organised by Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar & Sekretariat Mahasiswa Fakulti, Academy of Language Studies. The dinner was held at Grand Blue Wave Hotel, Shah Alam. It is a luxurious hotel. Well, thanks to UiTM and APB for paying all these! This dinner was held to appreciate all graduates, pre-graduates (Part6), Dean's Award students and SAF athletes. One of the other objectives was to give Dean's Award to the students who got 3.5 and above.
But the most important thing is the golden experiences and delicious moments that we have gained a lot.....Love you friends!

Tengkolok.....We are the Kings of the night!
Kanak-kanak sihat! (The healthy kids)

Faten & Ida

Happy faces.....although this is only a half-way journey

Kak Farha, Madam Noraini, Dr.O, me, Ema, Masitah...

Acknowledgement: Nurul Ain Jannah was supposed to attend this dinner too, but she was not here for some circumstances.