Going back to my hometown-- short break

The above picture was taken during my 21st birthday celebration. I requested my mother to make me a Thai glutinous rice yellow cake as a symbolic that I have reached a perfect age, not young and not old. Just nice!

17/08/08 Sunday 5.30 p.m.

I’m home! I meet my mother and father again! They are both my bones and strength. It was a peaceful day. My father went to work at the moment of the arising sun. My only younger sister has gone to school. I spent my golden time with my mother, chatting about my campus life. There was nobody except two of us. We watched ‘My Fair Lady’ together, using my laptop, given by her during my previous birthday; 23/12/2007. I love Ummi so much. She gave me this gadget, but she herself doesn’t know how to use it professionally. She bought me three items of batik cloth to be made some clothes. I asked her, “What for?” I don’t even like to wear such kind of cloth. She answered with puzzlement, “You have told me that you need to wear batik every Thursday”. She continued, “Now you will have one, even more”. I was speechless. How great my mother is. I forgot what I have said, but it still remains in her mind, forever indeed. I asked further, “Where did you buy this cloth?” Then, she mentioned that she went to Penambang (the land of batik - all famous batik factories are there). She always concerns about me, otherwise do I? The question stays still on my mind, till the end of the world. Nobody can answer. Not cool………..

All I want is my room anyway.
Far away from my campus bay
With my pink teddy bear
Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?
Lots of food for me to eat
Lots of chairs making lots of seats
Calm face, calm hands, calm feet
Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?
Oh, so lovely sleeping
Peacefully still
I would never budge till sun
Crept over the window sill
mother’s head resting on my knee
Warm and tender as she can be
who takes good care of me
Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?

Terrible journey to Putra Station….

16/08/08 Saturday 2 p.m.

It was the most terrible journey that I have ever had, so far I guess. Going home, from Perdana Heights to Kelantan: is not a wonderful desire anymore from now onwards. I had been waiting at the bus stand in front of Block 1 since 2 p.m. exactly; till here the crawling bus came at 3 p.m.! What a flower bloomed in my heart, metaphorically!

I rushed to a single mouth of the bus and got into it successfully! Oh, dear! No seat for me, my plan went awry. I was the first person who waited for this atrocious bus, but I became someone who stood here devastatingly with two devilish heavy bags? Oh, their colourful flowers! This was not a bus, but a buzz. Then, the bus galloped arrogantly while I was weeping for a prince charming to come. I wished he came and took me on his giant pink pony, spreading it wings to blow the buzz to the Mars! What a relief…but what a fool ambitious daydream! Suddenly, a lot of reminder songs could be heard from my stomach but I intelligently kept them on the sly.

At last, the dying buzz dropped me at Giant Shah Alam. Thanks! It was a great accomplishment throughout the beginning of my journey. My neighbour, Azwan and cousin, Dina were still waiting there since…I don’t know (they are UiTM Section2 students).

We carpooled to Kuala Lumpur, since my cousin and I would take our bus at Putra Station, opposite to The Mall, at night. Actually, my tummy was waltzing gracefully along the Federal Highway. Then, we just went straight to The Mall and had some meals. I did not put my infatuation on my food! But I should rather eat my own foot! My neighbour’s friend, Hidayat bought a plate of kuih. He, a passive boy actually, asked the left three of us to name the kuih. I said confidently, “Cucur!”. He smiled. Dina guessed, “Jemput-jemput”. Then, the last word came out from Azwan’s mouth, “Cucur pisang”. Hidayat giggled. Well, the endemic kuih was surely not giving us any clue to guess. The shape was like a ball and golden in colour. So, he told that the kuih is goreng pisang. What a flower! Don’t you dare to ask us how the taste was! We prefer to be shot by an ayatollah in Iran, rather than giving you the answer! Oh, God! Forgive whoever person that made this unique goreng pisang please! Keep him or her in heaven, even though this goreng pisang tastes like the food in hell. Amin…….

Azwan and Hidayat left my cousin, Dina and I, as they have done their job of taking me here. We have nothing to do but wandering around this shopping complex. We dropped by all the departments and shops. I bought a DVD, ‘My Fair Lady’ at Speedy. Then, we went to Hang Tuah Street, at the highest level of The Mall. The place is exactly like Melaka streets. We enjoyed reading books at an old used book shop. Later, Dina’s younger brother, Akram (UPNM student) came to accompany us half a day long as he was forced to be our bodyguard. It is not proper for girls to walk alone without a man in crowd.

It was time to go. We strolled along the road, heading to Putra Station. What a hasty waiting time. Thirty minutes left to go. I could see a lot of dustmen all over the floor like a friend of cows lied on the mucky field. Horrible people! I kept watching my things cautiously via my poor eyesight. I didn’t dare to wear my beloved and broken spectacles, I would be automatically awful. This place is like a holocaust! Save me! At the moment, we were invited to get our bus by a gloomy announcement. I presume that there might be something wrong with the speaker. Why should I care?

At 9.30 p.m., my cousin and I got into a green Mutiara Express and sat peacefully in our reasonable place. Oh, my dear tiring journey! Go away! Two girls on chairs stayed mainly in their place. We fell asleep till the cold dawn air came on the next day. A beautiful song from My Fair Lady seemed to be sung by Eliza Doolittle along the journey to my hometown, Kelantan Darul Naim.

All I want is a room somewhere
Far away from the cold night air
With one enormous chair
Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?

Lots of chocolate for me to eat
Lots of coal making lots of heats
Warm face, warm hands, warm feet
Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?

Oh, so lovely sitting
Absobloominlutely still
I would never budge till spring
Crept over the window sill

Someone’s head resting on my knee
Warm and tender as he can be
Who takes good care of me?
Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?


12/08/08 Tuesday 8.30 a.m.

We were all LGB 1A went to bilik seminar at level 2, together with Dr. Bern. We were having an amazing joy inside, watching a great movie ‘My Fair Lady’ which is about phonetics and pronunciation in English! We exultantly enjoyed the movie, starring by Audrey Hepburn (as Eliza Doolittle) and Rex Harrison (as Prof. Henry Higgins). It is a superlative film which enchantingly conveys the rich endowments of the famous stage production in a fresh and flowing cinematic form (Crowther, n.d). It is a fancy musical movie blended with a lot of aromatic songs to be left deeply in our mind, and even soul. I have bought one for $39.90, at The Mall Kuala Lumpur. Get one, it is useful! I wish I could be a lady who can speak English well. A moral of the story is, “even English must learn English”. This is one of dynamic songs that I have copied by heart throughout watching the movie. Cool………

Bed, bed I couldn’t go to bed
My head’s too light to try to set it down
Sleep, sleep I couldn’t sleep tonight
Not for all the jewels in the crown!

I could have danced all night
I could have danced all night
And still have begged for more
I could have spread my wings
And done a thousand things
I’ve never done before…

I’ll never know what made it so exciting
Why all at once my heart took flight
I only know when he
Began to dance with me
I could have danced, danced, danced
All night!


yesterday, I joined two competitions actually. First, 'Gubahan Hantaran Perkahwinan Challenge' and second, 'Serlahkan Kejelitaanmu Challege' (make-up). I really didn't see my chance to win in this competition actually....but i won the first prize! but the second competition, i just got 'saguhati'. Nevermind! Wonderful! I feel so great! Thanks a lot to Tun & Ain for being my partners in Gubahan Challenge, the hamper is so big right? the mug is amazingly beautiful as well. And a mountain of love is to be given to Hasinah for being my patient model in Serlahkan Kejelitaanmu Challenge. Wow...Thanks!

Pictures will be coming soon!


sometimes, i need to admit that surviving is tiring. Why is there so much work to be done? Poor me! but, if we think twice....i know that living is better than surviving. But each of all our experiences is usually called as a survival! how am i supposed to change it? Well, enjoy your hectic life..........Just make it alive! Joy & Fun.......... Stop surviving, start living. Enjoy your assignments huh!!!!

what a SHAME!!!!

oh, dear......what a giant mistake i have done! it was so embarrassing. It just happened a few moment ago. Now, our class is at PTAR (library). Well, it was an amazing cold early morning. i felt 'bombastic' in my tummy. Echoing to that, I went to ladies.....in a slow motion. Don't worry! It just a 'small water' feeling. I wanted to ease my great 'worry'. Hence, i just quickly headed into a small washroom at level 1. honestly, I haven't been here before. (I am a Lady Of Washroom....that title is always supposed to be mine) Well, I felt so weird as I entered the unpleasant room. There was too much smoke dust all over the floor. "Where am I?" I said in ambiguity feeling of going out. No! i need to ease 'it'! As a critical thinker, I pointed my two buble eyes on each method around me. Wonderful,fantastic! There was a dustbin. I flung my sight into it. Well, I could recognised so many things inside! Some cigarrete cases could be found. Something was wrong here....or probably I went into a ublessed wrong place. I went out immediately from this hell. God knows best! how couldn't I bother a beautiful signboard outside, exactly on the door. 'TANDAS LELAKI' .....wHAT?!
SPEECHLESS....I ran into the next door. the heaven place that i was supposed to be....HE3!!
The pictures I use have nothing to do with my story. Those are pictures of Taiwan Modern Toilet Restaurant....I wish I could be here! So unique yet amazing! To some people it might sound ridiculous to symbolize 'shit' 0r 'poo' as things to eat...but I'm open-minded! Chinese are creative!!! Wow....this is wonderful!

we are together!!!

GREAT!! Climb your great mountain! there is a goal on the top of it!
if you love Mariah Kari's song...I love Mariah Sup's song...

just kidding! i love to listen to 'FIGHTING FOR FIVE'....it is a theme song for smallville series (SUPERMAN) BUT here are the words that i have changed.





it is not easy to be who you/we are now, right?

well,i agree with you (my classmate) without knowing who exaclty you are. Buddy, we are sailing on the same ship. We all face the barriers and feel the pain together. Wave is not as hard as we think....sometimes, the pain will be considered as devotion. I respect your decision....hence, be yourself! it is not neccessary for us to be another. but like I said earlier, let it be that way. God knows best...am I right. Whoever you are supposed to be, just go on trough the right path. We are always there for you as a family member. Sharing is caring....... Frankly speaking, life is not easy. Like my mother says whenever i feel sad, ''LET BY GONES BE BY GONES''. Therefore, living in a healthy mind of thinking is the best treatment for us! Well done....."together we united, divided we weak".......cool......


I miss my mother so much. I have bought a ticket to go home for mid-term break. It is a pleasure to be in my hometown. Well, I do not want to talk about my hometown, but my mother. She is my idol….in many things and aspects. She is a perfectionist in dressing. To me, she is the greatest mother of the universe. She taught me a lot of things (during my childhood), academic and non-academic; since she was an English teacher. She ended up her career at the age of 50. But now she is already 52 years old. She had been teaching for more than 27 years old. Actually, taking English as a course is her advice. Willingly or not, I have to please her by moving on in this field. Luckily, it is my infatuation though. She was the first teacher who taught me Grammar. I cannot remember when the time exactly was, but I assume that it was during my primary schooldays. She was extremely good in Grammar, but now, her hair is turning into white in colour; so does her knowledge change. She has even forgotten the proper rules in Present/Past Perfect Tense. Poor on me! Now, I need to teach her back because she forces me to! That means I have to take all Dr. Chai’s Grammar books to teach her..I wish I could just take Dr Chai home..Hi3. Hence, before I came here, she bought me a lot of shoes (during sale only).

So here, I come out with my own quotation.

“Knowledge is like a right shoe. Polish it regularly, because the more you wear it, the more beautiful your foot will be. And don’t forget to wear another, because the left shoe is your courage” (Fadhlini, 2008).

Do not plagiarize! I will tell Dr. Azni if you are brave enough to do so. Put it in quotation marks okay! Hahaha... Frankly speaking, it is an incentive for me as a student! Think about it. “Joke is joke, but the input is to be put” (Fadhlini, 2008). Hihihi….

How can a hangman hang another man

by a ponytail of my pony tail?
The handsome doesn’t have some hands

to book a handbook by his hand.


The correct idiom is "Turn over a new leaf".
It means to start a new way of doing things (especially in your life) which is better than before.

But i use ''turn into a new leaf" to sound ridiculously devastated and rebellious. What I mean is, as if I were an old leaf, counting days to fall on the ground and be forgotten, then I wished to magically turn into a totally new one (despite dying), stay strong with the other leaves....seeking for the mighty Sun to grow greener and more mature, shading the humans who are resting under this tree of life.

Well, this began when my friend told me that now i'm not like who i used to be during Asasi TESL time (July2007-July2008) anymore. 

is it true? 

i didn't realise it, but actually it is. it is not an exultant for me to be thrown here...i mean, this is Puncak Perdana, a totally new place, doing my first degree. The name of this place is quite impressive but does it really look like it is?

oh dear....... i miss my fellow old friends so much. i always keep mentioning this. WHY? i think there's no doubt to accurately announce that I MISS MY PREVIOUS CAMPUS LIFE!!!

No! life must go on. let bygones be bygones....

So i must turn into a new leaf. i don't want to stuck here, daydreaming about what i am supposed to not bring it back on my mind.

help me...........A.D.A.P.T! yes...it is the best way to be. let it be this way! i have chosen the right path.....

Let God show me the light!


The following text is my original post. This is my very first post I wrote when I started blogging on 4 August 2008. I started blogging as a requirement of an English Language class I joined during my first year of my first degree. Everyone in the class had to create a blog, so I did too. It is funny that now I can see I made a lot of mistakes then. And this text, I believe, is so precious for I can see how I have developed as a writer in the past eight years. Well, of course, even now I still present my words in the simplest way which every level of English language users can understand. Otherwise, nobody will read my blog...hahaha.


my friend told me that i'm not like who i was used to behave during Asasi TESL. was it true? i don't realise it, but actually it is. it is not an exultant for me to have been based here...i mean, Puncak Perdana. the name is quite impessive but does it really look like it is? oh dear.......i miss my fellow old friends so much. i always keep mentioning this. WHY? i think there no doubt to accurately announce that I MISS MY PREVIOUS CAMPUS LIFE!!! No! life must go on. let gone be by gone....i must turn into a new leaf. i don't want to stuck here, daydreaming about what i am supposed to not bring it back on my mind. help me...........ADAPT! yes...it is the best way to be. let it be this way! i have chosen the right path.....let God shows me the light!