I miss my mother so much. I have bought a ticket to go home for mid-term break. It is a pleasure to be in my hometown. Well, I do not want to talk about my hometown, but my mother. She is my idol….in many things and aspects. She is a perfectionist in dressing. To me, she is the greatest mother of the universe. She taught me a lot of things (during my childhood), academic and non-academic; since she was an English teacher. She ended up her career at the age of 50. But now she is already 52 years old. She had been teaching for more than 27 years old. Actually, taking English as a course is her advice. Willingly or not, I have to please her by moving on in this field. Luckily, it is my infatuation though. She was the first teacher who taught me Grammar. I cannot remember when the time exactly was, but I assume that it was during my primary schooldays. She was extremely good in Grammar, but now, her hair is turning into white in colour; so does her knowledge change. She has even forgotten the proper rules in Present/Past Perfect Tense. Poor on me! Now, I need to teach her back because she forces me to! That means I have to take all Dr. Chai’s Grammar books to teach her..I wish I could just take Dr Chai home..Hi3. Hence, before I came here, she bought me a lot of shoes (during sale only).

So here, I come out with my own quotation.

“Knowledge is like a right shoe. Polish it regularly, because the more you wear it, the more beautiful your foot will be. And don’t forget to wear another, because the left shoe is your courage” (Fadhlini, 2008).

Do not plagiarize! I will tell Dr. Azni if you are brave enough to do so. Put it in quotation marks okay! Hahaha... Frankly speaking, it is an incentive for me as a student! Think about it. “Joke is joke, but the input is to be put” (Fadhlini, 2008). Hihihi….

How can a hangman hang another man

by a ponytail of my pony tail?
The handsome doesn’t have some hands

to book a handbook by his hand.

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