what a SHAME!!!!

oh, dear......what a giant mistake i have done! it was so embarrassing. It just happened a few moment ago. Now, our class is at PTAR (library). Well, it was an amazing cold early morning. i felt 'bombastic' in my tummy. Echoing to that, I went to ladies.....in a slow motion. Don't worry! It just a 'small water' feeling. I wanted to ease my great 'worry'. Hence, i just quickly headed into a small washroom at level 1. honestly, I haven't been here before. (I am a Lady Of Washroom....that title is always supposed to be mine) Well, I felt so weird as I entered the unpleasant room. There was too much smoke dust all over the floor. "Where am I?" I said in ambiguity feeling of going out. No! i need to ease 'it'! As a critical thinker, I pointed my two buble eyes on each method around me. Wonderful,fantastic! There was a dustbin. I flung my sight into it. Well, I could recognised so many things inside! Some cigarrete cases could be found. Something was wrong here....or probably I went into a ublessed wrong place. I went out immediately from this hell. God knows best! how couldn't I bother a beautiful signboard outside, exactly on the door. 'TANDAS LELAKI' .....wHAT?!
SPEECHLESS....I ran into the next door. the heaven place that i was supposed to be....HE3!!
The pictures I use have nothing to do with my story. Those are pictures of Taiwan Modern Toilet Restaurant....I wish I could be here! So unique yet amazing! To some people it might sound ridiculous to symbolize 'shit' 0r 'poo' as things to eat...but I'm open-minded! Chinese are creative!!! Wow....this is wonderful!

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