Beautiful Knaresborough

I love Knaresborough.
It is a beautiful historic little town situated in the Borough of Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
I got a chance to go there while visiting a friend who lives in York
in June. It was during fasting month.
I didn't feel tired at all, thanks to the lovely scenery.

Knaresborough is not far from York Station...about 30 minutes I think.
I traveled to many places nearby during my one-week-stay at York.
For that very reason, I can't remember exactly which one is which.
Plus, she did all the my tour guide. I simply follow her...hahaha.
It's her place anyway.

I am glad that she brought me here.
I couldn't even imagine to enjoy such a majestic view like this.
It reminds me of Durham,
which is similarly a paradise.

Let's enjoy some of the pictures taken.
Well, these pictures actually don't do justice to what I saw.

Breathtaking, isn't it?
This one was taken from the Castle.

As this place reminds me of Durham,
Next time, I will show you some pictures when I visited Durham.
Here is the link.
As a fan of Harry Potter, Durham is a must-go-place!
You won't regret!

See you next time!


  1. It's beautiful laa Ninie, and it the place looks so serene, not many tourist eh??

  2. x ramai sgt sbb kebetulan ninie pegi hari hari bekerja (weekdays). kalau ahad or sabtu ni gerenti penuh.