Meet Marie!

4/8/2010 Wednesday

This is Marie, my new companion. She's a gently white female cat.

Huhu... I bought it at Dataran Cendekia UiTM Shah Alam this afternoon... I went there to responce to my tummy's request, asking for food. Well, I didn't mean to buy Marie too...I always drop by a kiosk that sells dolls and collectibles there. After having a great glance, I felt like falling in love with little Marie (Marie comes in three sizes, Small-RM12, Medium-RM25 and Large-RM49.90. At the end, I ended up buying the large's so adorable with her only eye opens!
I had a class to catch. Since I had to take a bus for the class, how many eyes would look at me carrying Marie to class? Nobody brings a doll to class, unless this university is meant for kindergarten kids.
So, before I left the kiosk..I asked the salesgirl to put Marie in a nontransparent plastic bag. Huhu....she didn't have any but a rubbish bag. Nevermind, anything would do to hide what I would be carrying...
As I arrived, I put Marie under my chair...nobody noticed. Suddenly one of my friends [Hasinah] asked, "Beli teddy-bear ape?" [What kind of animal stuff did you buy?]...huhu.
How did she know what I bought?
She had a great instint, I guess! haha.... She had a lucky guess on what I was carrying in the nontransparent plastic bag. Huhu....marvellous!
huhu...I you notice, a pink squirrel [terpenyek bawah Marie..haha] in the picture was given by her (Sinah) and another friend (Faten). That's why I named it 'Siten'..hahaha. The names have been perfectly combined, right? Easy to pronounce and catchy!
Since Marie is a cat, I'm afraid that Black [a rat] will always play hide and seek..haha.
Well, I love my collectibles equally! No matter which one comes first.....

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