"Power Muffins"

5/8/2010 Thursday 8.45 p.m. - 11.20 p.m.

I suddenly felt like eating cakes... So I decided to bake one. But at the end, I ended up by having muffins, since I didn't have enough equipment to prepare a cake. I used anything I could. I didn't prepare for this, so there were a few ingredients missing.
To toss the flour, I used the tea filter..he3

I didn't have cocoa powder, so I used Pearl Choco Kacip Fatimah 3 in 1 and Neslo 3 in 1..... I had no choice..haha. That why I called the muffins "Power Muffins".

This my little rice cooker....now has become multipurpose because of me.

There were only 3 - 4 muffins could be steamed at once.

Ready to serve...after 8-10 minutes of steaming.

They don't look appealing at all..haha. But they deserved to be called muffins.

The winner among all muffins that night.....

I'm planning to serve them to my classmates tomorrow!!! Enjoy!


saki said...

Pearl Choco Kacip Fatimah 3 in 1 and Neslo 3 in 1??! LMAO!
rasa apa muffin you?

munirah ruslan said...

saki - muffin nini perasa neschoc.

haha ninie ni selalu kelakarlah. always came out dgn idea bernas. btw rice cooker nini mmg ada steamer ke? try laa buat kek kukus.

建邱勳 said...

Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.................................................

noidentity said...

sedap laa nini punya muffin. nk buat bisnes la cm ni. wahahaha

Alep said...

cakap nak serve kat classmate
apasal aku x dapat???