Pulau Beluru

Sunny day but breezy....

Pulau Beluru is located in Tumpat, Kelantan.
There is a school on that island.
There is a village too...with limited villagers.
The students charter a boat to go to school everyday.
I mean, those who live at the other side of the estuary.
It seems dangerous though...for these kids.
But they have no choice.

Pulau Beluru is an incredible place to visit.
I went there months ago to conduct
an English Language programme at Sek. Keb. Pulau Beluru.

We were served with a majestic view before we reached the island.

A friendly boat conductor...or should I call him a 'boat driver'?
Well, he was using a car steering....

Below is the boat that we rode on.

I feel so lucky to have visited this place....
For a moment, I enjoyed the divine nature
which will always give me an inspiration to appreciate a life better.


  1. Ni dekat sgt dengan kg akak tau. Tapi kg akak bukan la atas pulau..

  2. Oooo....bestnya kalo dapat gi selalu. naik bot..best.