Breaking fast at Section 7....

My cousin, Yan came here with his friend. First, he went to his only sister's apartment at Section 7, Kak Dina, and then headed to my apartment. They fetched me up exactly at 5.30 p.m. We had a walk in Jaya Jusco Klang for nothing. At 6.20 p.m, we moved to Section 7, finding a place to break fast.
We chose a Thailand restaurant (forgot the name), next to Pak Li Section 7. The foods were not so delicious but they looked appealing. Beafsteak, kerabu mangga, fried squids, Tempura prawns, mixed tom yam and some kuih-muih. I chose a glass of cold Nescafe. Others took carrot juices. It was RM58.... Well, the price was reasonable enough since we were 4 all together. This time, it was Yan's treat.
Then, they came to my perform Maghrib prayer. Luckily, there was only Jib (my beloved roommate) at home. The other 5 housemates went home already for National Day holidays. Thanks for allowing my cousins to come in, although we had to disturb your dinner!
Actually, that very short moment that we had spent together was more precious than having the least each of us could share the latest news about him/her. See you all next time! (Hopefully....)

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