Big Ondeh-ondeh.....

Sunday 8.00 p.m. 23/08/09


Kak Ain bought me ondeh-ondeh at Bazaar Ramadhan Section 7, with Kak Tira.... I didn't want to follow them, I was too tired. My uncle, aunt and grandmother came just now,just for a while...they went back to the hotel they are staying at already. So I just asked Kak Ain to buy some ondeh-ondeh, RM2.
Plus two cups of dadih (milk flavoured jelly)...
I've been craving for ondeh-ondeh since yesterday...the first day of Ramadhan. Well, now I got it! But why is it so weird? So big! Aiya....what is this? Hahaha.... This is the biggest ondeh-ondeh I've ever seen. The diameter of each ondeh-ondeh is more than 5cm... Five pieces all together. Just imagine how terrible it looks..hahaha!
I sadly ate one...laughing, of course! ONe ondeh-ondeh was enough to full my mouth..... I hardly could feel the pleasant of 'manisan' inside. Manisan is the filling, sweet black syrup, made of nira liquid.
The taste was...TERRIBLE! I am afraid to say that. I wish I was in Kelantan right now. Kelantanese ondeh-ondeh is the best ever!

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