Special Farewell to Lukmanul Hakim

He’s flying to Japan tonight, at 23:30, 26th of August 2009, as he has been offered to study there for one semester, basically to learn Japanese language. Amazing, right? As a friend, I was lucky to know the news right after he got the offer letter. If I am not mistaken, it was last semester, before the final examination week. The setting was in my classroom at Puncak Perdana. Hafiz, my classmate was also there. We were all assignment mates. Well, as you have to extend your study here for one semester, we will be your seniors then as soon as you come back next year! Hahaha…..

Happy flying! Behave well in Japan. Do bring Kelantan and Malaysia name to the world, especially to the most technological country that you will be arriving, Nippon, the land of the rising sun. Rise yourself as bright as the Japan sun, fresh and pure, creeping from a wide sea to brighten the world! Kitto Katsu…learn the Japanese language as well as their culture! Bring our beloved university name, Mara University of Technology Malaysia, Shah Alam.

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