"Good Luck" and "Thanks" day....

I had a very long journey today.....

After CTU class, I watched my friends practicing 'aerobic' for a challenge. Good Luck....it is led by Hafizah, my gorgeous class rep. Well, the movements and steps are so fantastically graceful. They will go into the real battle this Sunday morning. I'll be there as a loyal supporter.

Good Luck to:
Kak Fizah
Kak Farha
Kak Hanis
Kak Tira
Kak Alia
(who did not attend today's practice)
Kak Dahlia
Jaja Avon

We are behind you all!!!
Then I went to PTAR to see the Group-A-officers to validate my certification forms. Thank you to Miss Nor Azwani Mohamad, a nice librarian who did it for me. You are such a friendly girl..... Thanks for the information given. She told me where Pejabat Pendaftar is. I needed to go there. My cousin asked me to send a parcel there.

After that, I walked to Pos Malaysia counter at Menara SAAS. I had to put Latfi's parcel into the mailbox. Hahaha...I want to declare that Latfi joins a competition. If I am not mistaken, according to the address written on the parcel, it is Clorets competition (the mint sweet) or something like that. I can vividly remember he gave me his Clorets this morning, but I said I don't want sweets. Haha...I got you! Good Luck Latfi....he was such a typically responsible class rep last semester.
My next journey was just upstairs. Kak Farha asked me to send a parcel to Pejabat Pengurusan Konvokesyen. Alright! Actually, she also was asked by someone else. Well, it was not a big problem at all. A box was provided to put the parcel in. Done!
Next, I walked down the street, heading to Pejabat Pendaftar to settle my cousin's application. Alright! Done! The officer was kind enough. Thank you for the smooth service.
Then, I climbed up a thousand stairs, heading to Hal Ehwal Pelajar building. What an exhausting journey, but it was amazingly fun! I crossed the bridge and got the notice board. I saw my name there, for SLTP scholarship interview. It is Medsi interview, actually. Wish me luck!
20th of August 2009
4 - 4.30 p.m.
Panel A3
Thanks to Fatin 'Izzati...she told me about this earlier
and Hasinah too..
That was the last place I went. Oh, I was not! After that place, I climbed down the hill, getting PTAR2....which is here! I am now at Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak 2 UiTM Shah Alam. Where? The same corner where I always sit. :-)


  1. malu la aku ko declare aku join competition kat blog.why don't u announce to whole uitm?haha.sj je join alang2 aku ade byk clorets utk join,mane tau ade rzki kan, dapat consolation pun not bad rite!!

  2. Hahaha....kalu menang, jgn lupa share yer. Penat aku hantarkan. bagi kat K.Farha sikit! setem dia punya tuh! hahaha...