I'm having a long break....

What a nice holiday I've been enjoying.....Nothing to do at home.

No academic books anymore to revise! Huh, campus life is hectic! I wish I was a baby, but this ridiculous dream is impossible indeed! Well, I miss you, friends! I miss my classroom at Puncak which I won't be able to see it anymore, unless on purpose. We'll move to UiTM Shah Alam, the main campus. Well, I'm going to dearly miss my bloody-room at Puncak Perdana Hostel! Here are some pictures of my paradise at Puncak!
"Welcome to my Pink World"

This is my beloved bed.... I've promised Saki to show this picture to her.
This is my corner...
I put my valuable things here! What things? Ha3...flowers and my books.
MY BED...was my regular place to study while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.
This also became my 'dining' slot. I had lunch and dinner here, on this bed...
This is the picture of my previous wardrobe....


  1. kemas dan tersusun
    bla la blk ak nk jd cmtu
    ninie nk keje ngan ak x?

  2. Bleh gak...brapa gaji hang nk bg aku?

  3. kemas.lawa gila.As usual a Ninie would be :)
    since Melaka :)
    I miss U~

  4. perempuan mmg dah x boleh nk pisahkan dgn kaler pink, btw comel la bilik ehee..