Smurf World #4: Jokey

 Jokey Smurf
 Jokey is one of the characters in The Smurf series, comics and movie. Jokey is commonly seen with his exploding giftbox. He laughs a lot. He loves to play around with the other smurfs. His well-known pranks always bring laughter to others.
Jokey appears like the other common Smurf but is always holding a yellow giftbox. So, to make Jokey, you can use a common Smurf (without accessories), which you can buy him at any plush stores for approximately RM18.00 to RM10.00.

All we need to do is making a giftbox. That's all!

 Cut three pieces of yellow felt cloth to create a cube box.
Imagine you are making a box, that's all.
 Sew the edges neatly.
 Flip the box outside-in. Then, fill in the pillow fiber.
 Use a piece of straight-cut felt cloth to make a ribbon.

Here he is!!!
Jokey Smurf is ready to give surprise!

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