Smurf World #1: My Smurfs Family

I currently fall in love with The Smurfs...they are such cute little blue creatures.
Meet my lovely smurfs! I smurfly love them...

These are amongst the main characters in The Smurfs. In The Smurf comic, we have Papa Smurfs, 99 male Smurfs, 2 female Smurfs (Smurfette and Sassette), Grandpa Smurf, Granny Smurf and 3 Smurflings.

 Clumsy Smurf is the most common smurf character you can get at any plush store. He represents the most simple smurf among all, without a single accesories. Each smurf has his/her own characteristics, with significant personality. They can be distinguished by different accessories they are holding. FYI, Clumsy Smurf is the cheapest smurf at market. I bought Clumsy for RM18.00 only. You are lucky enough to get the lower price...down to RM15.00 to RM10.00, could be. It depends on how you bargain with the store owner.

The more accessories a smurf has, the more expensive its price is.

 An exclusive smurf like Gutsy Smurf is hardly seen at any plush stores. He could be sold at RM46.00 **nett. Well, I'm not joking. I didn't buy Gutsy. I made Gutsy's costume myself instead. I used a common smurf and put some sideburns on his face. I will show you how I made Gutsy in the next post.

Another example: Vanity Smurf is the only smurf who wears a flower on his hat and is always with his mighty mirror.
That's why I made my smurfs' accessories myself..hahaha.
I bought Vanity for RM18.00, without a mirror. So, I created Vanity's mirror myself.

I'll show you how I made other accessories for the other smurfs (Jokey, Smurfette, Brainy and Gutsy Smurf) using felt cloth, okay!