Arabian Wedding Dinner

It's my mate's wedding. They had their solemnization ceremony just before last Ramadhan. This is their second dinner.....for the groom's side. She's gorgeous!!! Indeed!

 She is walking in, with her husband...lovely path!

 The ceremony was pleasantly organised....
I could feel the warmth and bless in everyone's face.
 She looks stunning in this dress...
 This is the doorgift....there's a small Arabian sweet cake inside.
 The buffet....Arabian meals, steaks and more.
 I wish you both happiness and blessings together!!!

This post is dedicated to Kak Syazana, Kak Honey and those who are getting married. I wish this information could admire you in certain ways for your upcoming wedding.... Love you all!


  1. So sweet lh Niniey ur friend wedding. gojes sgt2.. ^_^

  2. mash Allah sister and brother may Allah be pleased with you