Rose Cupcakes

I think this rose cupcake bouquet is very nice as a corporate gift. It looks elegant.
Well, it's suitable to be a wedding gift too... I think, it doesn't cost much.

These are more inspiring patterns.....

White Rose Bouquet
Pink Rose Cupcakes

Red Rose Bouquet
Pink Rose Bouquet

I would like to try to make these rose cupcakes in the future. Oh, dear me... If only I got plenty of spare time.... Well, why don't YOU try!!!??

I hope this information might inspire you in future endeavor...
....or...when in need perhaps...haha

Pictures: Google


  1. Awww lawa!Kreatif :)

    Jom tolong saya,bongkar ciri2 play girl dan play boy.eheh.TQVM

  2. cantiklah!
    buat bisnes mungkin boleh laku :)